Coinbase Brings 2024 US Presidential Candidates Together for Blockchain Forum Ahead of New Hampshire Primary

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 2 min read
US Presidential
US presidential hopefuls will convene at the Coinbase-hosted Crypto Presidential Forum before the influential 2024 New Hampshire primary. Image by niyazz, Adobe Stock.

Today, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced plans to host a forum focused on blockchain technology and digital assets, bringing together candidates for the 2024 US presidential election. The event will take place in New Hampshire on December 11 as part of Coinbase’s “Stand With Crypto” campaign.

The Coinbase Crypto Presidential Forum will give presidential candidates an early opportunity to share their perspectives on blockchain with voters in New Hampshire, which will hold an influential primary in January 2024. According to the event website, Republican candidates Asa Hutchinson and Vivek Ramaswamy have confirmed their participation, along with Democratic candidate Dean Phillips.

Additional candidates like Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. were invited but have not yet responded. The forum is open-ended and not limited to crypto-specific issues, enabling candidates to voice their policies on a range of topics before the primary.

Crypto Taking Center Stage

The upcoming forum shines a spotlight on the growing prominence of digital assets in US politics. Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic on campaign trails, with candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy making it central to their platform.

While President Biden has remained relatively quiet on crypto, the upcoming election brings fresh chances for blockchain policy to take center stage. Surveys show crypto has bipartisan support among US voters. Yet concrete policies have lagged behind public opinion and adoption.

The Coinbase-hosted forum will enable candidates to formally share their positions with crypto-savvy voters in New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s early primary gives it special power to influence campaigns. Strong showings in these states can shape perceptions as candidates move into later nominating contests.

“This special opportunity allows you to hear from each presidential candidate and will provide candidates with a venue to address the crypto and blockchain community in New Hampshire,” it noted on the Stand With Crypto website. “The topics will not be limited to crypto-specific issues. Instead, this forum is designed to enable candidates to address the crypto and blockchain community on a range of policies in advance of the New Hampshire Primary.”

Crypto Voters Up For Grabs

Currently, polls predict a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024. Coinbase’s blockchain forum provides an opportunity for other candidates to sway voters who care about blockchain regulation, however. With digital asset ownership rising across party lines, many crypto-focused constituents are still undecided.

By bringing presidential hopefuls together to discuss this key issue, the Crypto Presidential Forum will give voters more insights to inform their choices. The open exchange of ideas may also encourage candidates to take a stand on topics that could soon impact millions of Americans.

As cryptocurrencies continue to enter the mainstream, voters are pressing candidates for clear stances on regulation. The New Hampshire forum marks an early milestone in shaping the role of blockchain policy during the 2024 race. With the primaries fast approaching, presidential contenders will soon need to cement their positions on this increasingly relevant topic.