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Can New AI Meme Coin Oracle Meme Surge Like Pepe?

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Oracle meme

Pepe is one of the most iconic meme coins in history.

The frog-themed meme coin has jumped 31265.69% since April 17, 2023. What makes Pepe’s journey more remarkable than the rest of the meme coin market is its unique theme.

While four of the top five meme coins are dog coins, Pepe dared to venture beyond. It is currently the world’s third-largest meme coin with a massive market cap of $3.6B.

Oracle Meme: A Utility-Rich Meme Coin With a Creative New Concept

Like Pepe, Oracle Meme ($OMEME) is a new meme coin that doesn’t confine itself to the conventional framework. It explores beyond the pet meme coin concepts and introduces something novel to the market.

Oracle Meme stands out with its innovative AI features that include the following:

  • Meme AI Generator: Meme creation simplified with AI-generated suggestions, customizable elements, and easy sharing options.
  • Meme Coin Generator: Empowering users to create their own meme coins effortlessly, regardless of technical expertise.
  • Meme Layer-2 Network: A scalable and efficient solution for fast, cost-effective transactions across Oracle Meme and its partner platforms.
  • Meme Wallet: A centralized hub for convenient management of all memes in one place.
  • Meme Launchpad: Smooth launches for new meme coins. It offers early investment chances for $OMEME token holders.

Due to the viral combination of AI and meme coin elements, $OMEME is predicted to become the next big crypto of 2024.

Alongside the mentioned meme-centric platforms, Oracle Meme plans to launch products in line with the ever-evolving trends in the market.

The project’s overarching goal is to step up the meme coin industry and take it to more creators, investors, and users.

A Robust Tokenomics Framework That Supports the Long-term Price Action of $OMEME Tokens

$OMEME’s token allocation strategy is meticulously crafted to support sustained growth.

For instance, investors can start token staking right from the cryptocurrency presale phase. By locking their token in the staking contract, they can earn enticing rewards.

OMEME tokenomics

$OMEME has a capped supply of 50 billion tokens. The presale supply is 40%, emphasizing the community-centric foundation of the project. Funds generated from the presale will be channelled for project development, marketing, and liquidity.

$OMEME will be used for diverse functions such as staking, microtransactions, voting and governance mechanisms, and tipping among others.

As the project matures, the Oracle Meme token will be used to develop collaborations across various sectors including gaming and DeFi. It will grow to become a versatile token with potential impact across different domains.

What is Behind this Strategic Allocation?

Meme coins are prone to initial pump-and-dump schemes.

Here, investors hoard the tokens in the presale stage at low costs. Once the coin climbs up the charts, they sell off their tokens immediately with anywhere from 1X to 10X gains. As the price goes down, most investors will follow suit, dumping the token to new lows.

Since most meme coins have a short shelf life, the strategy works well for early investors.

But for the project, it makes the road ahead particularly challenging. They suffer to regain value once the dump begins.

Oracle Meme Features

Staking has proven to be a great strategy for mitigating early-stage sell-offs. For the investor, staking translates to attractive interest. The longer you hold a token, the higher the staking rewards. It accumulates over time.

By setting aside 10 billion tokens as staking rewards, which constitute 20% of the total token supply, Oracle Meme incentivizes investors to retain their tokens. It discourages premature sell-offs and nurtures the long-term price action of the token.

In the early presale phase, the staking Annual Percentage Yield (APY) can surge up to an impressive 107%. The reward rate is hard to overlook, as it is much higher than the industry standard, which is often in one-digits.

Where to Buy $OMEME Tokens?

Oracle Meme is launching a presale of its native token $OMEME, starting from May 27, 2024.

The presale offers an exclusive opportunity for early investors to acquire the token at discounted rates. Before the presale kicks off, the project is focusing on nurturing its community.

This community-building strategy has been bringing positive results. The growing $OMEME community is reminiscent of successful meme coins like Shiba Inu and Pepe in their early days.

How to Buy OMEME

Once the presale sells out, investors will have to grab the token from crypto exchanges. If the mounting interest in the project is any sign, an action-packed bull run is coming. That will render the token expensive for late investors.

Whether $OMEME can go 100X remains to be seen.

But with both AI cryptos and meme coins boasting market caps in the billions, $OMEME shows high promise.

Visit the Oracle Meme Website

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.