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Best Crypto to Buy Now June 17 – Brett, Jasmy, Tron

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 6 min read
Best Crypto to Buy Now June 25 – Brett, Dogwifhat, Pepe
Best Crypto to Buy Now June 25 – Brett, Dogwifhat, Pepe / Source: Cryptonews

Bitcoin is off to a rough start this Monday, with its price down over 4% in the past week, falling below $70,000. After a strong start to the month, Bitcoin met resistance at $72,000, triggering a decline that pushed it below $67,000 by the weekend.

$65,000 is an important support level to watch. If breached, it could lead to further drops towards $64,200 and $61,000. Failure to rebound off these levels could result in a decline towards the $56,500 support level.

Despite the recent dip, Bitcoin’s overall price structure suggests an upward trend. However, establishing a solid base is needed for the cryptocurrency to resume its immediate upward movement.

While the weekly outlook remains positive, Bitcoin needs to surpass the $67,000 resistance in confluence with the 50-day EMA to regain momentum. This could potentially lead to a move towards $68,000 and $70,000.

The next key resistance for a breakout is at $72,000. Bitcoin’s ability to hold the $65,500 support level will be important in determining the direction of the market in the coming days.

While Bitcoin faces headwinds, some cryptocurrencies are showing potential as the best crypto to buy now based on their fundamentals and/or technical analysis.

Brett, Jasmy, and Tron are among the best crypto to buy now, along with notable ongoing cryptocurrency presales.

BRETT Price Faces Resistance: Technical Indicators Suggest Potential for Further Consolidation

Brett price chart on TradingView.
Source: TradingView / BRETTUSDT

BRETT price has been on a downward trajectory after hitting a new all-time high of $0.19550 on June 9.

The recent bounce off the 20-day EMA for the past three days has been met with resistance at the reverse Fib 0.5 level of $0.16089, as evident in today’s price action.

The 20-day EMA currently sits at $0.1302, while the 50-day EMA is at $0.0920. This indicates a short-term bullish trend, but with the current downtrend, traders should proceed with caution.

BRETT’s RSI currently stands at 58.40, suggesting that BRETT price is not yet in oversold territory.

However, the current price of $0.14530 is down by 8.52% for the day, highlighting today’s bearish sentiment.

The immediate resistance zone for BRETT price lies between $0.15880 and $0.16428, which coincides with the reverse Fib 0.5 level of $0.16089.

Overcoming this resistance could potentially signal a bullish reversal.

Conversely, immediate support sits at the reverse Fib 0.236 level of $0.14257, which also aligns with the horizontal support zone of $0.13426 to $0.14266.

A break below this support level could lead to further declines in BRETT price.

Traders should closely monitor the price action around these key levels as a decisive breakout or breakdown could indicate the direction of the future trend for BRETT price.

While the current downtrend suggests caution, the short-term bounce off the 20-day EMA and the RSI not being in oversold territory could provide a potential opportunity for a short-term rebound.

However, traders must exercise due diligence and manage their risk accordingly, especially given the ongoing bearish sentiment.

Best Crypto to Buy Now for a Breakout? JASMY Price Holds Promising Signs

JASMY price is currently trading at $0.037536, down by 2.09% for the day. While the technical indicators suggest some bullish sentiment, the overall picture remains cautiously optimistic.

JASMY’s RSI at 59.47 indicates that the price is around the neutral to overbought territory, which could signal a potential correction or consolidation in the near future.

However, the 20-day EMA at $0.0346 acts as an immediate support level, providing a potential floor for the price.

The 20-day EMA, currently above the 50-day EMA of $0.0291 and the 100-day EMA of $0.0240, suggests a potential for continued upward momentum.

However, the recent downward movement of JASMY price highlights the importance of watching the overall market sentiment closely.

The recent downtrend could be a sign of short-term profit-taking or a pause before a further push higher.

Investors should be aware of the immediate support levels at the 20-day EMA of $0.0346 followed by the horizontal support level of $0.0333 to $0.0314.

A break below these levels could signal a downtrend, potentially pushing JASMY price towards the $0.0291 level of the 50-day EMA.

Conversely, if the price manages to break above the current swing high/ YTD high of $0.041598, which was set last June 6, it could signal a bullish breakout and push JASMY price towards higher levels.

Overall, the technical indicators suggest that JASMY price may be consolidating before making its next major move.

While the bullish indicators are present, the recent downturn and the overbought RSI point towards potential near-term volatility.

Traders should closely monitor the price action and the technical indicators to identify a clear direction for JASMY price in the coming days.

As established projects like BRETT, JASMY, and TRX weather the market storm, crypto presales are presenting a unique opportunity for investors to gain exposure to promising cryptocurrency projects before they hit the mainstream.

TRX Price Prediction: Consolidation Ahead of a Potential Surge?

The TRX price has been caught in a tight range, hovering around its 20-day EMA of $0.1162, after retracing to this level over the weekend.

This movement indicates that the TRX price is currently in a state of consolidation, suggesting that a substantial move could be on the horizon.

The technical indicators are showing mixed signals. TRX’s RSI currently stands at 53.16, indicating that the TRX price is in a neutral zone, neither oversold nor overbought.

However, the fact that the TRX price has been attempting to break above its 50-day EMA of $0.1174 for the past week suggests that buyers are still in control.

The TRX price faces immediate resistance at its 50-day EMA, a level it has struggled to break through in recent days.

If the TRX price can successfully breach this level, it could signal a further upward move towards the 100-day EMA of $0.1181.

However, if the TRX price fails to break through the 50-day EMA, it could pull back to its 20-day EMA or even lower.

The current price of TRX is $0.11729, which is slightly below the 50-day EMA. This puts the TRX price in a precarious position as it tries to regain its upward momentum.

Traders should be wary of the potential for a break below the 20-day EMA, which could trigger a sharper decline in the TRX price.

In the short term, the TRX price could move in either direction, depending on the outcome of the current consolidation.

However, if the TRX price can successfully break through the 50-day EMA, it could signal a strong bullish trend, potentially leading to further gains in the days ahead.

Early Access, Big Gains? The Best Crypto to Buy Now Might Be in Crypto Presales

Experienced traders are constantly searching for high-potential Bitcoin alternatives to diversify their portfolios.

While established altcoins offer a familiar approach, crypto presales present a less-explored strategy with potentially higher returns.

Crypto presales offer a unique chance to acquire tokens at a discounted price before they enter the open market.

This early access is often a key factor in maximizing returns for investors who identify promising projects.

Web3 projects and protocols leverage presales to raise capital and fuel their development. This can be beneficial for investors who understand the intricacies of the market.

The key to success in this space lies in identifying projects with strong foundations. Investors need to thoroughly evaluate the team, the project’s vision, and its potential for real-world use.

While this intricate market demands careful consideration, the team at has curated a list of 15 Bitcoin alternatives currently in presale that have shown promise for potential growth and might be considered the best crypto to buy now.

15 Best Crypto Presales to Invest In

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.