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Best Crypto to Buy Today 5 January – FGHT, ETC, D2T, LDO, CCHG

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 6 min read

Stock index futures are trading down over 1% so far Thursday as investor optimism is being kept in check by the possibility that the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates higher for longer as we head deeper into the new year. This fear has caused the S&P 500 to drop 20% from its record close last year.

Gita Gopinath, of the International Monetary Fund, agrees with the Federal Reserve’s approach to inflation, as reflected in the minutes from their December meeting, stating that the Fed was correct to “stay the course” as U.S. inflation has not yet stabilized.

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Investors will be paying close attention to job reports in the next two days, including the ADP private sector employment survey and the December non-farm payroll report, for clues about the state of the economy. Technical analysts are also wary of recent market movements, as the December “Santa Claus Rally” didn’t show up for the financial markets towards the end of 2022.

As an investor, it is important to regularly review and assess your portfolio to ensure that it is properly diversified. This becomes especially important when there are significant events that may move markets, such as interest rate hikes and jobs data. While it is natural to want to focus on the assets that are performing well in the short term, it is crucial to also consider the long-term health of your portfolio. The following five cryptocurrencies are the best cryptos to buy today based on their strong fundamentals and technicals.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out, an upcoming move-to-earn platform and gym chain is changing the fitness app world with their innovative smart technology. The app will offer individualized workouts tailored to each user’s needs as well as ongoing feedback on performance tracking. It will also reward users with REPS tokens for meeting set goals while motivating users through a fitness community and advanced progress tracking system–expanding users’ fitness journies into holistic health experiences.

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To add another element to the mix, the company also plans to open physical gyms in various locations around the world with Web3 integrated features like ‘mirrors’, bringing users’ digital fitness profiles to the real world and allowing them to track their workouts and fitness progress. In addition, renowned boxers and athletes have partnered with Fight Out for masterclass workouts as well as exclusive events at these gym locations.

Fight Out could alter the fitness tracking landscape through its innovative use of a real-time avatar as well. Users can track their progress in strength, cardiovascular endurance, and other categories–all represented through their digital counterpart in the Fight Out metaverse. Additionally, the app provides social competition by enabling players to collaborate together towards common goals; when achieved–their characters will level up for potential fights with other characters for a chance to win prizes.

Fight Out will be launching its initial gym in the fourth quarter of 2023, and it promises to be quite an interesting experience with its use of cutting-edge equipment and smart tech. Gyms will be tailored for people who want more than just a workout–patrons will be able to rent studios, grab nutritious snacks from the onsite bar, or take advantage of co-working spaces.

With these interesting features, it’s no wonder investors have been captivated by Fight Out, with the project already raising nearly $2.66 million–which is likely to draw even more attention through the first part of 2023.

This project is supported by top-notch partners such as LBank Labs,, Transak and BlockMedia Labs who are providing financial and operational aid. Coupled with Fight Out’s cutting edge features that strive to transform fitness monitoring along with the amazing presale bonus of up to 50%, this project seems like it’s a great crypto to buy today prior to its presale price raising in its second stage.

Visit Fight Out Now

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic saw a significant increase in its price yesterday, with a 20.83% gain to close at $19.20. The rally has ETC setting its sights on the psychological resistance level of $20. However, as of writing, the price has fallen to $18.55, a 3.39% decline for the day. It seems that the cryptocurrency may be retracing a bit after yesterday’s impressive move.

After breaking out from the resistance area of $17.75 to $18 and effectively invalidating the forming descending triangle for the past two weeks, this level may now act as support for ETC.

If ETC’s price can break out from the current level, the next potential target is the range between the psychological resistance between $20 and $20.70, which could result in a swing of 8% to 12%.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade’s imminent launch in early 2023 is widely seen as an important development for the crypto trading sphere. It differentiates itself from its competitors with a complete array of highly useful features that grant traders maximum visibility for their investments. Dash 2 Trade furnishes users with invaluable informational and community resources to review projects so they can make better choices and extract optimal returns on their investments.

Dash 2 Trade’s platform not only helps novice traders make prudent decisions, but it also provides experienced investors the chance to refine their tactics and take full advantage of automated trading with exchange APIs. Plus, its token presale scoring system ensures that users have access to some of the most promising tokens from the very beginning.

The platform also brings with it an already established loyal community of traders due to their connection with Learn 2 Trade’s international membership of over 70,000 traders. Moreover, Dash 2 Trade will actively collects feedback from customers, which guarantees users a superior and continuously improving user experience when released.

Although the D2T presale is currently sold out, the team has decided to extend the presale until the exchange listings in the coming days. During the additional over-funding round, 36 million more tokens will be available for purchase at a cost of $0.0556 each with the purpose of raising an extra $2,001,600 to fund further exchange listings and quicker product launches.

The team has also surpassed their goals and launched its presale trading dashboard earlier than expected. The presale has so far raised $13.7 million, giving the project plenty of runway as they launch and improve the platform, making this one of the best cryptos to buy today.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Now

Lido DAO (LDO)

Lido DAO has continued its rise after breaking out from the resistance range of $1.23 to $1.27 and the daily 100-day Exponential Moving Average following its 14.71% move up yesterday.

Things are looking good for the cryptocurrency, with the price now trading above the short-, medium-, and long-term EMAs of 20, 50, and 100 days.

Lido DAO’s price is now at $1.34, down by 2.83% for the day. The price is now looking to establish support on the higher levels, while the EMAs are beginning to align themselves in a bullish formation.

The previous resistance range of $1.23 to $1.27 may be retested as the daily RSI level for LDO is currently oversold. The next potential target is the previous resistance level of $1.45 and the psychological resistance of $1.50.

C+Charge (CCHG)

By participating in C+Charge’s public presale, investors have the opportunity to play an active role in combating climate change. This peer-to-peer payment and EV charger information system provides users with access to carbon credits while also making electric vehicle charging more efficient, transparent, and user friendly for drivers.

With pressing matters like inadequate charging points, convoluted pricing structures and a lack of information plaguing the electric vehicle industry, C+Charge Network is leveraging blockchain technology to connect EV chargers with autonomous charge points. Thanks to their efforts in bridging this critical gap between EVs and charge stations, drivers can now enjoy emissions-free travel without worrying about these obstacles that have previously hindered progress.

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Don’t miss out on the chance to acquire C+Charge’s tokens at a discounted rate before prices rise. Starting at $0.013 USDT per token, three successive presale stages will see their price climb until it ultimately reaches $0.02350.

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