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As Crypto Prices Crash, Whales are Accumulating $WSM Before it Lists on Exchanges – What Do They Know?

Source / Wall Street Memes

In an increasingly unpredictable cryptocurrency market, meme coins are establishing their foothold.

One such coin garnering attention before its listing on exchanges is Wall Street Memes ($WSM).

With a dedicated community and a performance-driven track record, $WSM has accumulated over $4.5 million in its ongoing pre-sale stage (ranking it among the biggest crypto presales of 2023).

Unleashing the Potential of $WSM: What You Need to Know

The current pre-sale price of $WSM is $0.0274, with a next stage price at $0.0277 - the fundraising goal of $4,716,000 is nearly met, stirring anticipation among the investors.

Wall Street Memes raised $4.5 million in just 10 days - this impressive feat is a testament to the traction $WSM is gaining, and the potential it carries.

The backing of a community of one million across various social media platforms bolsters $WSM's position in the crypto market.

These platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, host an array of meme coin enthusiasts and investors eager to participate in the next big pump.

The meme crypto world has witnessed several meme coins, including Spongebob token, and Pepe coin, making 1,000x gains.

With a similar trend in sight, Wall Street Memes has positioned itself as the next candidate for such explosive growth.

Indeed, the growing demand and fast-paced achievement of pre-sale milestones hint at a promising future for $WSM.

Wall Street Memes: An Ascend from 'King of Stonks' to 'King of Memes'

The team behind Wall Street Memes carries the legacy of creating highly engaged communities, given their track record, the prediction of 10x gains for $WSM seems plausible.

After successfully raising $2.5 million with their Wall Street Bulls NFT collection in 2021, the founders aim to replicate the same triumph, this time with their $WSM token.

The Wall Street Memes project boasts a community-centric token model.

There have been no private sales, and a significant 30% of the token supply is directed towards community rewards.

Despite the current crypto market crash driven by the increased enforcement by the SEC, Wall Street Memes appears undeterred, with an impressive USDT raised in its ongoing pre-sale.

Crypto enthusiasts and investors, the so-called 'whales,' are increasingly investing in $WSM, anticipating significant returns when the coin gets listed on exchanges.

Seizing the Meme Coin Momentum: Get in Early

Source / Wall Street Memes

With the likes of Elon Musk interacting with Wall Street Memes on Twitter, $WSM enjoys a unique credibility and endorsement unmatched by other meme coins.

This legitimacy, coupled with a substantial social following, could make $WSM an appealing prospect for prominent exchanges like Binance.

It's evident that the meme coin season is far from over - with its robust community and a well-timed market entry, Wall Street Memes could be the next meme coin to capture investors' attention and wallets.

For those who value community, audacity, and growth potential, the $WSM token could offer a promising investment opportunity amidst a volatile market.

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