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Andrew Tate Crypto Controversy with Trader Ansem Escalates

Harvey Hunter
Last updated: | 3 min read
Andrew Tate Crypto Controversy with Trader Ansem Escalates

Internet personality Andrew Tate’s crypto feud with trader Ansem escalated in a heated X exchange, culminating in a proposed $10M boxing match for Crypto Fight week.

The dispute started when Ansen criticized a tweet made by Andrew Tate aimed at the crypto community. In the attached video, he “just called all of yall losers for 17 minutes straight,” according to Ansem.

Despite the lackluster reply from Andrew Tate, Ansem doubled down on his retort, attacking the success of Andrew Tate’s crypto ventures and the integrity of his community.

The heated exchange climaxed when Andrew Tate proposed a boxing match, under the condition that the loser would donate $10 million to the cryptocurrency chosen by the winner.

Ansem accepted the challenge and called for Crypto Fight Week to organize the event, scheduled for December 6th.

Andrew Tate Causes “Chaos” with Crypto Campaign

Andrew Tate, an on-again, off-again crypto enthusiast, has recently made waves through his campaign to cause “chaos” in the crypto space. On X, he clarified his intentions:

“My primary objective with causing chaos in the crypto market is to hopefully expand to fiat and stocks to crash all existing systems and force a rebuild of civilization with a one world government controlled exclusively by me.”

He has pursued these goals through a series of tweets on @CobraTate, his official X profile, leveraging his influence and dedicated community to move the market.

These endeavors included plans to ‘crash the Solana network’ and encouraging his followers to send him coins that he would ‘diamond hands’ and ‘never sell’. He also promised to contribute, purchasing $1M worth of ‘junk’ coins himself.

However, the most significant is his endorsement of meme tokens that adopt his likeness, such as $RNT and $TOPG. Although he claims to not be directly affiliated with them, he has been a catalyst for their price movement.

For instance, Tate burned over $10M worth of $TOPG after being challenged by its official X profile. The burn left only 37% of the meme coin available in circulation. This action led to a 130% increase in the value of the token and pushed its market capitalization to over $65 million.

Most recently, Tate has started to advocate for meme coin $DADDY to combat Iggy Azalea’s $MOMMY token, in an attempt “to flip it for the patriarchy.”

Although these meme coins have seen some substantial returns, they have relied on token burning to fuel price action instead of actual community engagement. This gives them no real staying power compared to other major meme coins.

Ansem Stands Up to Tate

In contrast, Ansem is a well-known figure in the world of cryptocurrency trading. With years of experience and a knack for predicting market movements, he has built a reputation as a trusted trader and advisor in the community.

His approach combines technical analysis with an acute understanding of market sentiment, helping both newcomers and seasoned traders navigate the complexities of the crypto market.

As a devoted advocate for cryptocurrency, Ansem’s recent actions to critique Andrew Tate’s disruptive campaign are understandable.

During TOKEN2049 Dubai, CryptoNews correspondent Matt Zahab had the opportunity to interview Ansem and discuss his Crypto Fight Night boxing match with Barney.

Although he did go on to lose the fight, he gained boxing experience. During the interview he outlined his progress, saying “I actually know how to throw punches instead of just being an athlete.”

Given his athletic background, past boxing experience, and the additional time he has to prepare, the stage is set for an interesting fight when Crypto Fight Week rolls around in December.