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Token2049 Exclusive: Cryptonews Chats with Veronica Wong, Co-founder and CEO, SafePal

Ruholamin Haqshanas
Last updated: | 1 min read
Token2049 Exclusive: Cryptonews Sits Down with Veronica Wong, Co-founder and CEO, SafePal

Token2049 stands out as a key event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals worldwide, especially in Asia where it garners substantial attention each year. 

This year, Cryptonews reporter Matt Zahab had the privilege of interviewing several notable figures in the crypto industry, including Veronica Wong, the co-founder and CEO of SafePal. 

This interview offered valuable insights into the innovative strides being made in cryptocurrency security and wallet solutions.

SafePal’s In-App Banking Gateway

During the interview, Wong also talked about SafePal’s recently launched in-app banking gateway and a Visa card, which aims to address the accessibility challenges associated with cryptocurrency usage by introducing new services to facilitate crypto adoption.

SafePal has invested in Swiss bank Fiat24 to pave the way for the launch of an in-app banking gateway and a linked virtual crypto Visa card. These initiatives are designed to attract more users to Web3 and facilitate the integration of crypto into real-world transactions. 

SafePal, known for its user-friendly and secure wallet solutions, helps users protect and manage their digital assets effortlessly. 

Under Wong’s leadership, SafePal has integrated cutting-edge security measures and intuitive functionalities, making it a preferred choice for many in the blockchain community.

Full TOKEN2049 Recap

Token2049 continues to be a crucial event for professionals and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency world, providing a platform for critical discussions and networking among the industry’s most innovative minds. During the event, big names in the industry, like Veronika Wong, share their thoughts and views on the current and future state of crypto globally. 

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