Here are 5 Surprising 2024 Crypto Predictions from Leading Crypto Experts

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 3 min read

As we edge closer to 2024, the cryptocurrency sector is looking forward to highly anticipated events such as the potential approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs and the next halving event, let’s take a deep-dive with 2024 predictions from industry leaders.

These insights offer a valuable glimpse into the future of the rapidly shifting crypto markets.

Here are five striking forecasts, directly quoted from the experts, that every crypto enthusiast and investor should be aware of.

5. “Expect More Retail Users to Embrace Crypto for Its Financial Utility”

Hannes Graah, a builder at Zeal, foresees a significant rise in retail engagement with cryptocurrencies heading into the next halving event.

“In 2024, with the bull run expected and prices expected by many to continue rising, we should expect to see more retail users return to crypto.”

However, Graah also urges the sector to focus on the real promise of cryptocurrencies and help newcomers understand and manage their digital assets.

He envisions 2024 as the year to “bring cryptocurrencies out of the casino” and showcase their true financial utility.

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4. ORDI to Revolutionize Bitcoin Satoshis into NFTs

Yubo Ruan of Parallel Finance predicts a ground-breaking shift in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

He suggests that ORDI, a lesser-known crypto project, could offer a unique investment opportunity by transforming Bitcoin’s smallest unit, Satoshi, into an NFT.

Ruan explains, “ORDI essentially inscribes information onto each Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This information can include text and images which effectively transforms each Satoshi into an NFT.”

3. BRC-20 to Open New Chapters in Bitcoin Innovation

Frank Hu of ByteTrade Lab points to BRC-20 as a potential game-changer for Bitcoin in 2024. He predicts that BRC-20 will not only contribute to a price surge but also lead to increased innovation around Bitcoin.

“BRC-20 is gaining attention for its impact on the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem,” Hu notes, suggesting that this could prompt more exploration and innovative applications, including lightning technology and Layer 2 solutions.

2. Asia to Solidify Its Position as a Leading Crypto Hub

David Tng from TZ APAC underscores Asia’s growing prominence in the cryptocurrency domain, highlighting he major breakout success of big cryptocurrencies amid the Chinese Narrative earlier this year – which saw skyrockets for assets such as Neo and Conflux.

He bases his prediction on recent trends and data: “2023 has been a promising year for Asia as a crypto hub.”

Tng further elaborates, “Looking ahead to 2024, Asia’s role as a hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency development appears poised for further growth,” highlighting the adoption and educational efforts in countries like Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

1. Major Strides in Institutional Scalability, DeFi, and Web3 Gaming

Michael Kong, CEO of Fantom Foundation, foresees a trio of trends dominating 2024, he predicts significant advancements in institutional scalability, DeFi growth, and the emergence of breakthrough Web3 gaming.

Kong elaborates, “Blockchain technology is continually improving… DeFi projects can operate more smoothly, and handle complex financial transactions and smart contract executions.”

He also anticipates the arrival of mainstream blockchain-based games as a catalyst for mass adoption of blockchain technology.

“All of the above. DeFi, gaming, and distributed ledger platforms will see a resurgence in popularity in 2024,” explained Kong.

“NFT markets have been down for the past year, but as that segment of the industry focuses more on utility and less on cosmetics, we should see a rally in that sector that leverages loyalty programs, exclusive rewards, etc.”

“Blockchain and AI could quiet down a bit as general AI interest comes down from the highs of 2023”.

In summary, these expert predictions from industry leaders offer a fascinating look at the potential developments in the cryptocurrency world in 2024.

From the integration of NFTs with traditional crypto assets to the rise of new technologies and the increasing influence of Asia in the crypto market, the upcoming year promises exciting opportunities and challenges alike for the crypto industry.