5 Small Cap Cryptos to Accumulate Before the Bitcoin Halving in 2024

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Small Cap Crypto Coin

What is the best crypto 2024? As crypto markets scour for the most promising coins for the year ahead, investors are increasingly looking to small cap crypto coins for the biggest growth opportunities before the Bitcoin Halving event – here’s a run down of the top 5.

Small cap crypto coins refer to cryptocurrency projects that offer an alluringly low market cap, this is critical for identifying opportunities for the biggest gains.

Why Are Small Cap Crypto Coins Favorable For High Growth?

To illustrate, for an investor to make a 3x return on Bitcoin in 2024, the total Bitcoin market cap needs to grow from a whopping $862,838,295,735 (over $800bn) to an eye-watering $2,588,514,887,205 (over $2.5tn).

Whereas for an investor to make a 3x return on a micro cap such as BRC-20 based OrdiZK ($OZK), the market cap simply needs to grow from $5,260,000 to $15,780,000 – a much easier move.

However, there is a trade-off between the high growth of market caps, and the higher risk of failure amongst smaller projects.

This leaves investors targeting so-called small cap crypto coins, which offer a balance between market position and low market cap growth potential.

Small Cap Crypto #5: Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Kick-starting our list is the Ethereum Name Service’s token ENS, which has enjoyed a strong resurgence into 2024, growing 88.6% over the past 3-months – leaving the token on the verge of breaking into the top 100 at #136 (cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap).

Best Crypto 2024 Small Cap Crypto coins

ENS token is a governance token that manages the treasury of the ENS DAO, which has been established to run and govern the ENS Protocol – which is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20).

With a market cap of $440,626,067, ENS token would require market cap growth to just under $1.5bn to mount a 3x return.

Small Cap Crypto #4: Tellor Tributes (TRB)

Next on the list is Tellor Tributes (TRB), which emerged as one of the largest breakout coins in the end of 2023 rally – mounting an explosive multi-month move that has left TRB trading on a +122.48% 3-month gain.

Best crypto 2024, small cap crypto coin

TRB token forms the backbone of the Tellor Tributes ecosystem, which operates oracles supplying data-feeds for smart contract interactions at a fraction of the cost of top oracle project Chainlink (LINK).

Despite recent breakout success, TRB’s market remains low at $296,041,585, suggesting that Tellor Tribute’s market cap only needs to grow to $900m to lock-in a 3x return for investors (easily achievable with reference to top oracle Chainlink’s $8bn market cap).

Small Cap Crypto #3: Singularity Net (AGIX)

In third place is SingularityNET (AGIX), which is building on the hype and promise of 2023’s high-octane AI narrative, which saw major AI cryptocurrencies explode with the growth of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

March’s AI narrative saw AGIX pump an impressive +106%, however, months since have seen AGIX enter retracement – offering an alluring opportunity to investors bullish on AI.

Best Crypto 2024

Despite this retracement, AGIX has entered 2024 in fashion, with a multi-month pump posting a respectable +57.7% gain over the past 3-months.

Looking at SingularityNET’s growth potential, with a current market cap of $360,140,758, in order to achieve a 3x growth AGIX only needs to grow to just over $1bn – a feasible move in face of the advent of AI.

Small Cap Crypto #2: Conflux Network (CFX)

Landing in second place for best crypto 2024 is Conflux Network (CFX), which undertook a wave of growth at the start of 2023 amid the hysteria of the so-called ‘Chinese Narrative’ – which swept through the market as regulators in Hong Kong pushed to create an American-alternative global crypto hub.

Standing as the only fully-regulator compliant Chinese cryptocurrency, Conflux Network has been pivotal in granting public access for Chinese investors to major decentralized utilities such as Uniswap v3 and the CNH (offshore Chinese Yuan) stablecoin.

Best Crypto 2024

With Asian trading volumes growing by the day, Chinese investors already mount an impressive $86.4 billion in crypto trading volume, and this is matched by a further $64 billion volume from Hong Kong – highlighting the opportunity for Conflux.

Looking at Conflux’s growth potential, CFX currently has a market cap of $643,050,642, this means for CFX to undertake a 3x return the market cap would need to grow to an attainable $1,929,151,926.

Small Cap Crypto #1: Rocketpool (RPL)

Coming in at the top of our list as the best crypto 2024 is Rocketpool (RPL), which is a leading project in the promising liquid staking derivatives (LSD) sector.

Rocketpool enables Ethereum holders with less than the validator requirement of 32 ETH (worth $71,760) the ability to pool together to operate as a validator on the Ethereum proof-of-stake network – thus accessing higher levels of staking reward.

Best Crypto 2024, Small Cap Crypto Coin

RPL token is the heart of this network, not only functioning as a governance token, but also acting as an insurance for users against slashing penalties for downtime on the node.

With a present market cap of $595,106,636, in order for RPL to achieve a 3x return the market cap needs to grow to $1,785,319,908 – easily achievable with reference to Ethereum’s total market cap of $269,798,018,229.

Bonus Best Crypto 2024: Here Is One Micro Cap Play That Could Offer The Biggest Gains

While small cap crypto coins offer the best balance between risk and growth potential, micro cap projects still take the cake for the largest growth opportunity – however, cutting through the fundamentals to identify low-risk plays is more of an art than a science.

One such opportunity, emerges in an explosive new meme coin called Meme Kombat – which could become the best crypto 2024.

Meme Kombat Explodes Over $6M Raised In Skyrocketing Presale – Don’t Miss The Next OPSEC

Meet Meme Kombat, a trailblazing initiative that has seamlessly blended the memetic love of nostalgic gaming, and GambleFi, into a decentralized Web3 platform.

So, what makes Meme Kombat tick, and why should potential investors keep a keen eye on this presale?

The essence of Meme Kombat lies in its captivating arena where characters aiming to tap into deeply tribal crypto communities lock horns.

Players have the liberty to place their bets on these animated battles, predicting the outcomes and possibly reaping attractive rewards.

With a sturdy promise of Season 1 showcasing 11 distinct meme characters, there’s no shortage of action, and Season 2 is already on the horizon for December 2023.

The decentralized nature of the project, combined with the thrill of AI-driven battles, ensures that the outcomes are both transparent and unpredictable – every battle is a new experience, ensuring players stay engaged.

Meme Kombat Pits Leading Crypto Meme Communities in High Octane Staking Battles

The project isn’t just about excitement; it’s built on a foundation of trust – Meme Kombat’s commitment to transparency is evident through initiatives like the impending security audit of their smart contract.

The findings of this audit will soon be public, a move that many projects shy away from.

The founder and project lead, Matt Whiteman, isn’t an unknown entity in the crypto space.

His experience spanning two decades in process design, combined with his position as the COO of North Technologies, adds credibility to Meme Kombat.

When so many projects hide behind the veil of anonymity, Whiteman’s open profile and the project’s physical address in Amsterdam offer an extra layer of trustworthiness.

The tokenomics of Meme Kombat is also an appealing factor for potential investors – Stake the Meme Kombat ($MK) token, priced attractively at $0.279, and dive into a rewarding ecosystem.

With a generous APY of 112%, stakers not only benefit from passive income but can also use their staked tokens to place bets in the arena – this dual functionality – earning while gaming – sets Meme Kombat apart.

Intriguingly, engagement on the platform directly influences the income one can earn, so, the more you participate, the more you stand to gain.

With the GambleFi industry booming following coins like Rollbit, Meme Kombat seems poised to tap into this lucrative market with its innovative approach.

By merging memes, gaming, and blockchain, the platform is presenting something fresh to the crypto community.

For those looking to diversify their portfolio with a unique offering, Meme Kombat seems like an opportunity too good to miss – so, don’t be left behind (stay tuned with the MK Telegram).

Embrace the future of meme-based gaming with Meme Kombat and join the best crypto 2024.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.