How to Buy DogWifCat ($DWIFC) – Easy Guide

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DogWifCat solana meme coin

DogWifCat ($DWIFC) is a new meme cryptocurrency that has recently conducted its initial exchange offering. This cryptocurrency has been soaring since its listing on multiple decentralized exchanges and has a market cap of more than $18 million.

Our how to buy DogWifCat guide shows investors how to purchase $DWIFC, the native token, through the decentralized exchanges. We also discuss DogWifCat’s main use cases, features, and tokenomics. 

What is DogWifCat?

DogWifCat ($DWIFC) is a trending new meme cryptocurrency offering huge returns to early investors. The project’s avatar comprises a hybrid of a dog and a cat. This is a fun spin on one of the best meme coins in recent times – Dogwifhat ($WIF).

The $WIF token took the crypto markets by storm with its launch in December 2023. In just a few months, Dogwifhat has a market cap of more than $2.3 billion. Since launch, the token has soared by a staggering 150,000%. DogWifCat wants to offer similar returns to token holders. Notably, this new cryptocurrency is built on the Solana blockchain.

This popular blockchain uses the innovative Proof-of-History (PoH) algorithm. Solana can process a maximum TPS (Transactions Per Second) of 47,370. Furthermore, Solana has started to become the top preference for crypto investors, compared to Ethereum.

This is because Solana allows for faster transaction processing and charges significantly lower fees than Ethereum. All these reasons could attract investors towards a more affordable and faster ecosystem being offered by DogWifCat. The DogWifCat token also stands out due to its tokenomics, and the recent performance post the listing. We cover more on this matter in the sections below. 

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DogWifCat has a total supply of only 1 billion tokens. While the token supply may seem massive, most meme tokens do not tend to have a limited supply. For instance, Dogecoin, one of the best cryptocurrency assets in the space, has an unlimited token supply. This fails to create any scarcity in the market since the supply always outweighs the demand.

If there is a low demand but high supply, the price goes down. Therefore, while Dogecoin has secured huge returns, it has been trading sideways for the past few years. On the other hand, limited-supply cryptos like DogWifCat can be one of the best long term investments, as the price will increase when the demand rises. 

DogWifHat tokenomics

In March 2024, DogWifCat listed its entire 1 billion token supply on the Jupiter and Raydium decentralized exchange (DEX). Therefore, investors get access to 100% of the available tokens. Upon launch, the $DWIFC token price traded around the $0.00045 mark.

However, within just days since $DWIFC launched, the price has increased to $0.01825 per token. This equates to a massive price increase of more than 3,950%. Within the last 24 hours itself, $DWIFC is up by over 205%. The token has a live market cap of $18.24 million and a 24-hour trading volume of more than $44 million. Therefore, this may be a potential investment opportunity for high-risk investors, since new meme coins attract high levels of volatility. 


Since DogWifCat is a new token, the project website has yet to update the roadmap plans. The project’s first phase involved listing $DWIFC on the Jupiter and Raydium exchanges.

What is DogWifCat?

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3 Reasons to Buy DogWifCat – Key Takeaways

Before we discuss how to buy DogWifCat, you must understand the benefits of this cryptocurrency. Therefore, the sections below discuss three key reasons to buy $DWIFC. 

Soaring Since the DEX Launch 

After the success of tokens such as Bonk and Pepe Coin, DogWifCat has become the new trending token to buy. As mentioned above, $DWIFC has soared by more than 3,000% in only a few days. It is important to note that DogWifCat’s market cap is still under $20 million.

DogWifCat price chart

Comparatively, Dogwifhat has a live market cap of more than $2 billion. If DogWifCat were to achieve even 10% of $WIF’s market cap, they would experience a price increase of more than 10x.

Potential to List on New Exchanges 

Another reason to buy $DWIFC is because it is still a brand-new project. So far, the token is available to purchase just on a handful DEXs. 

Due to the recent price increase, the token could secure listings on tier-one exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance, which would help the token secure an increased trading volume. Therefore, DogWifCat can become the next crypto to explode in the long-term. 

Strong Tokenomics  

Finally, DogWifCat could be a potential buy due to its favorable tokenomics. As we discussed before, this is one of the few meme coins to have a limited token supply. This gives it an edge over the likes of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which have an unlimited supply.

As the demand for the token rises, the limited supply will help push the price upwards. Secondly, the entire 1 billion token supply is already available to the public. Therefore, investors have access to the entire supply, which can explode with a strong increase in demand. 

How to Buy DogWifCat ($DWIFC) Tokens: A Step-by-Step Guide

The sections below show investors how to buy DogWifCat ($DWIFC) through the available decentralized exchanges: 

Step 1: Create a Crypto Wallet

Firstly, you must create a crypto wallet compatible with the token. Desktop/laptop users can download the Phantom wallet extension via Google Chrome. Alternatively, mobile users can get the Phantom wallet app via iOS or Android. 

Phantom Wallet

Step 2: Buy SOL Tokens 

$DWIFC tokens can be swapped with compatible cryptos such as Solana ($SOL). If you do not hold any SOL tokens, go to a cryptocurrency exchange, purchase the tokens, and transfer them to your crypto wallet. 

Step 3: Connect to the DEX with your Crypto Wallet 

Now that your wallet is funded, you must visit the decentralized exchanges – either Jupiter or Raydium. For instance, you can visit the Jupiter DEX to purchase $DWIFC, click on ‘Connect Wallet,’ select ‘More wallets,’ and scroll down till you see ‘Phantom’ as an option.

DogWifCat connect wallet

Click on the Phantom wallet option, and follow the instructions on-screen to connect your wallet to the Jupiter DEX. 

Step 4: Buy DogWifCat Tokens

Now that your wallet is connected with the DEX, you can create the transaction on the order box. Select the tokens you wish to swap with $DWIFC – which can be $SOL. Enter the number of tokens to purchase, and select ‘Buy Now’ to confirm the transaction. 

DogWifHat buy tokens

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Our how to buy DogWifCat guide has shown investors how to purchase $DWIFC by connecting their crypto wallet to either the Jupiter or Raydium decentralized exchange.

This new cat meme coin is inspired by other meme tokens like Dogwifhat, which have offered soaring returns. DogWifCat has listed 100% of its 1 billion token supply and is up by more than 3,000% in a few days. 

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What is DogWifCat?

DogWifCat is a new meme coin that has listed 100% of its 1 billion token supply on DEXs. The token is up by over 3,000% within a few days of its launch. DogWifCat has a current market cap of over $18.24 million. 

How to buy DogWifCat? 

Start by downloading the Phantom wallet or app. Buy SOL tokens and transfer them to the wallet. Connect to one of the compatible DEXs – either Jupiter or Raydium. Connect the wallet to the exchange, enter the purchase amount, and confirm the transaction.