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# Tezos

Tezos is a blockchain platform and a network designed as a permissionless and distributed solution for development and deployment of smart contracts. What is supposed to set Tezos apart from the likes of Ethereum and NEO is its focus on self-amending i.e. the correction of any technical flaws as soon as they appear as well as its promotion of democratic on-chain governance. The Tezos project was outlined by Arthur Breitman and his business partner and spouse Kathleen Breitman back in 2016. Breitman’s earlier work references include Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. He developed an early interest in Bitcoin, identifying its lack of capacity to self-evolve as the main weakness to be corrected by his Tezos project. Tezos (XTZ) token props up the Tezos ecosystem in which the features from the competing crypto solutions are available for easy adoption and implementation on the platform’s blockchain. These self-upgrading and self-correcting operations are said to be possible without resorting to hard forks, earning the Tezos much attention from the crypto market.