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MAOCAT (MAO) Price Prediction – 2024 – 2030

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 12 min read

In a market currently flush with no-utility meme coins that rely solely on the latest trends and the interest generated by degens to gain traction, MAOCAT aims to change the narrative.

Presenting a meme coin with cat-based themes while keeping multiple benefits at the forefront, MAOCAT is trying to bring the meme coin niche to a more utility-focused environment. Can this attribute help it surge in value as time goes on?

This MAOCAT (MAO) price prediction will explore the meme coin’s distinct fundamentals and ascertain whether these perks can help MAO grow in 2024 and beyond.

MAOCAT Price Prediction Summary

The MAOCAT meme coin project is still at the presale phase, which means we can’t analyze it using trading charts. However, many of its fundamentals are relevant to the current meme token space, which means demand for them could rise, giving a boost to the MAO price. Here are our predictions based on those particular aspects:

  • End of 2024: MAOCAT has initiated a limited-time presale with multiple stages. During the last stage of the presale, spending 1 ETH will allow users to buy 650,000 MAO tokens – so 1 MAO will be worth 0.0000015 ETH, approximately $0.0044. If the interest in this token remains high once the presale concludes, it may experience its first listing pump going live on a DEX. If it follows the same trajectory as other meme coins, it could rise by 10x and reach $0.04 in 2024. A correction may then see the MAO price retest $0.01.
  • End of 2025: Next year would mark one year anniversary of the fourth Bitcoin halving. If the BTC price mimics the previous halving events, it can go through another bull run. Many have postulated that the world’s leading crypto will finally go beyond the $100k mark. That bullish move will likely boost other assets, meme coins included which tend to perform the best in a bull market. We could expect MAO to rise by another 10x next year, reaching $0.4 before correcting to $0.1 before the year’s end.
  • End of 2030: MAOCAT’s performance in 2030 will depend on how relevant it continues to be on social media and how it’s received by the broader crypto community. The community’s reception of MAO NFTs will also play a crucial role in the long run. Our conservative estimate is that MAOCAT will reach $0.3 by 2030. While it is possible for MAO to reach greater heights, much of its price action will depend on the community’s sentiments about the broader crypto market.


MAOCAT: Price History

With its cat-based themes, which break away from the standard dog—and frog-based narrative, MAOCAT has emerged as one of the most interesting presales of this year. At the time of writing, the new crypto has raised over 129 ETH, which is equivalent to more than $370,000.

MAOCAT Presale

The core idea behind MAOCAT is to introduce a utility-focused asset that combines the virality of the meme coin with the app-based benefits of blockchain technology.

The official whitepaper explains that the “MAO CAT” world will have three representative ecosystems: MAO Swap, MAO NFTs, and MAO Game.

These attributes will likely bolster the value of MAOCAT more than standard meme coins. As more than $370k has been raised so far by this token already, there is a chance that major cryptocurrency exchanges will take notice once the token goes live.

Listing MAOCAT on any tier-1 cryptocurrency exchange would further boost its exposure and potentially increase its value.

Even before listing, MAOCAT gives those who move in early a definite chance of gains. The presale has been divided into 10 stages, with the price of the token appreciating with each stage. In the first stage, MAO is valued at 0.000000076 ETH, and in the 10th stage, it will be valued at 0.0000015 ETH. Therefore, those who invest in this token during the first stage can make 5x gains even before the token reaches cryptocurrency exchanges.

MAOCAT Price Prediction 2024

MAOCAT has presented users with a timed presale. At the time of writing, the timer shows that the presale will conclude in less than two months. Depending on market conditions and how well MAOCAT does on social media platforms, the price will climb or fall.

MAOCAT price prediction

According to the whitepaper, MAO has reserved 10% of the total supply of 5 billion tokens for DEX liquidity. So, once the presale concludes, it will go live on Uniswap.

It is also possible that MAOSWAP will also become active by then. When MAO goes live on either or both, its value can potentially be boosted. Listing on other leading decentralized exchanges may have the same impact.

Bitcoin and other high-cap tokens are going through a post-halving slump. However, the market is still volatile, with sudden spikes emerging on the price charts on a daily basis. Therefore, when MAOCAT does go live before the end of the second quarter of 2024, it will likely receive more traction than other assets. And if its ecosystem has developed to an extent by then, we may see a major surge.

It is likely that the MAO price will exceed the $0.004 achieved during the last presale stage. A listing pump could push its price by 10 times, reaching $0.04. However, sudden surges after listing are always followed by a correction. So, by the end of 2024, the MAO price will likely be around $0.01.

MAOCAT Price Prediction 2025

If the crypto market behaves the same way as it did in 2021, it is likely that we will see Bitcoin experiencing another major pump next year.

Forbes suggests that Bitcoin will reach $100k before the end of Q1-2024, an event that will push the price of other assets.

While most high-cap cryptos, such as Ethereum and Solana, can rise anywhere from 200% to 300%, micro-cap tokens, especially meme coins, will experience the most surge.


Meme coins are cheap assets that often draw buyers during the bull run, making a 10x surge possible in most cases. MAOCAT, being a meme coin with multiple benefits that would have come to light by then, could experience a similar reaction from the market.

Given the potential for NFTs to make a comeback, as they did in 2021, a year after the previous Bitcoin halving, MAOCAT may emerge as one of the top utility tokens in 2025.

Our optimistic view suggests that MAOCAT may climb by 10x once again, reaching $0.4 in the first quarter of 2025. A higher climb may also be possible if the upcoming bull run goes on longer than expected.

MAOCAT Price Prediction 2030: Long-Term Forecast

Even though MAOCAT is a meme coin that shows off its appeal through pixelated cats, a dive into the whitepaper does paint is a good web3 crypto to invest in. There are staking perks, DEX, NFTs, and games, all of which contribute to making it a good long-term investment.

The presence of multiple utilities means that investors will have multiple ways to interact with MAOCAT’s ecosystem. On the other hand, MAOCAT will have multiple ways to keep its demand steady in the long run.

How the MAOCAT’s NFTs and game perform will also be important. For instance, if the 10,000 MAO NFTs gain significant virality on the market, it will attract more buyers. Since the MAO NFT Marketplace will be crucial for users to get their hands on these P2E NFTs, which will likely use $MAO as a mode of exchange, the MAOCAT price could grow in 2030.

The P2E game will also significantly affect the MAOCAT price. The P2E game will have its own range of user-generated Land NFTs, which will attract more capital to the ecosystem and add more value to MAO. Overall, we believe that MAO could be worth anywhere between $0.3 to $0.6 by the end of 2030.

To keep an eye on the project’s progress, we recommend following MAOCAT’s Telegram channel.

Potential Highs and Lows for MAOCAT

Here is a quick overview condensing the forecast we just made about the price of MAOCAT in the coming days.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.01 $0.02 $0.04
2025 $0.1 $0.2 $0.4
2030 $0.3 $0.45 $0.6


What is MAOCAT?

MAOCAT is a meme coin project created following the 2024 Ethereum Dunken upgrade. Its mascot is MAO, a “cat norm in the Ethereum ecosystem ERC-20.” This cat takes a different approach than other meme coins that use dogs and frogs as their memes.

What is MAOCAT

This project was not created as a spur-of-the-moment asset but has long-term goals. Its goal is to rule the three blockchain niches that symbolize decentralization.

Decentralized Exchanges

Standard decentralized exchanges are amazing. In 2021, Coinbase revealed that over $217 billion in transactions flow through DEXs.

However, they lack innovation. MAO Swap breaks the norm by introducing BiSwap VI, a protocol designed specifically to run on the Ethereum virtual machine. It can increase trading volume and LP returns, allowing users to earn stable APRs.

This tool will also implement a fixed staking feature, allowing users to make passive gains. Analytical tools are also planned for the ecosystem, such as a Launchpad, which will host leading blockchain projects and keep people aware of the biggest upcoming cryptos.

MAO SWAP will also allow users to freely issue NFTs, which will include MAO MEME photos and secondary NFTs.

NFT Sector

MAO is planning to mystify the Memetoken sector (NFT meme coins) by introducing its own marketplace and list of multi-utility NFTs.


There are 10,000 NFTs planned with different tiers of rarity. 5,000 will be common NFTs, 3,000 will replaced in the uncommon category, 1,500 will go into the rare category, the unique category will have 400 NFTs, and finally, there will be 100 legendary NFTs.

Each of these NFTs will have its own list of benefits that are yet to be revealed. It is likely that once NFTs drop, so will their use cases.

P2E Gaming

The P2E gaming sector desperately needs a shake-up. Too many promises have been made about the introduction of realistic games, and most of them have fallen flat, showcasing no promise. The market size for P2E games, however, is growing continually. Stats show that in 2022, the P2E sector was worth more than $3.2 billion, and it’s expected to reach above $8.8 billion in 2028.

But that can only happen if more innovative and less pretentious projects are unlocked. That is what MAOCAT is trying to achieve through P2E gaming by bringing things back to the drawing board. We are talking about the early days of NFT gaming, which allows players to use non-fungible tokens as assets to create, play, and earn.

Each player will have an MAO cat character who can create his land NFT and then play on it, rent it, or sell it on the marketplace. With this simple approach, MAO CAT aims to bring blockchain gaming back to its P2E self and carefully blend DeFi and gaming.


What Influences the Price of MAOCAT?

MAOCAT is presenting investors with a multidimensional meme coin, which means multiple factors will influence its price in the days to come.

  1. Interest in the Ongoing Presale – The main factor that would drive MAOCAT’s price among intra-day trading circles is its current presale. The pace at which the token goes off the shelves during the ongoing presale will suggest how many parties will continue to be interested in this token once it goes live. And once MAO finally gets listed on DEX, it could possibly pump if the community is still fond of it.
  2. Social Media Activity – When people open the MAOCAT whitepaper, the first thing they perceive is the meme coin. It is only on the next page that its multiple utilities are revealed. Since meme coins are very social media-centric assets, people’s reception towards this token will also depend on how active it is on Twitter, Telegram, and other online sites that it is active on.
  3. NFT Value – For a short time this year, while Bitcoin reached its all-time high, the NFT charts indicated that they are making a comeback. Now that the market is down, there has been a decline in the total NFT collection market cap. Coingecko shows that the cumulative market capitalization of NFTs is around $67 billion at the time of writing. Since a major portion of MAOCAT’s benefits are associated with its NFTs, it will be crucial to look at NFT trends when ascertaining MAO’s price movement.
  4. P2E Gaming – Another key factor to look into is the P2E adoption rate. Since P2E gaming is one of the core functionalities of MAOCAT, and land NFTs are core attributes of this game, it is likely that how the market receives land NFTs will impact how MAOCAT performs on the crypto charts.

How to Buy MAOCAT?

Listed below are the steps to follow to buy MAOCAT from the official website:

Step 1 – Go to the Official Website

Visit the official MAOCAT website. Only use the links provided on this page to prevent any phishing platforms.

Visit MAOCAT Official Website

Step 2 – Click on Buy Presale Now

Click on the “Buy Presale Now” button, and the site will direct you to its presale page. This page highlights the number of presale stages and the progress made so far. Once you have reached the page, connect your wallet.

Step 3 – Buy MAOCAT

Enter the number of ETH tokens you want to swap for MAO tokens. Click on the “Buy With ETH” button to finish the transaction. Once the presale concludes, visit the website again and use the same wallet to claim your tokens.


This MAOCAT price prediction article has given insight into where MAO could land in the days to come. We have used the token’s meme-based nature and its benefits to forecast its value.

MAOCAT’s multidimensional nature, supported by its multiple functionalities, sets it up for success in the long term. However, it is still a meme coin, which we considered when forecasting its price. By the end of 2030, the token is likely to reach $0.3.




What is MAOCAT?

MAOCAT is a utility-focused meme coin that aims to bring users a unique decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, NFTs, and a new P2E game. Powered by the native token MAO, the project aims to achieve long-term growth by becoming one of the leading meme coins on the market.

How high can MAO go in 2025?

2025 will mark a year after the recent halving. Considering that and the multiple perks that MAOCAT is set to introduce, it is possible that MAO will reach $0.4 in 2025.