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Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah Set To Release Exclusive Music On Bitcoin

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 2 min read
Ghostface Killah

Popular American rapper and member of the acclaimed hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, Dennis David, also known as Ghostface Killah, revealed plans on March 18 to release a collection of exclusive music as Bitcoin Ordinals.

The exclusive music will be released with Ordinal Bots, Rare Scrilla, and NakaPepes.

Ghostface Killah Announced Exclusive Music Release on Bitcoin Ordinals

The American rapper disclosed that the music collection will have a limited supply of 10,000 copies, and the minting process will be free. Holders of these copies will also be eligible for CC0 rights to the music.

CC0 rights enable creators, including music artists, to discontinue their copyright and publish their work into the public domain.

This means holders of Ghostface Killah’s exclusive copies can use, remix, or distribute the exclusive music collection without restriction.

The latest announcement suggests the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals utilities, which scale beyond the common outlook of finance.

Bitcoin Ordinals, also called Bitcoin NFTs, are satoshis (smallest units of Bitcoin) minted and inscribed with uploaded music, text, images, or other digital assets or information.

According to Dune analytics data, over 60 million inscriptions (tokenized) have been processed on Bitcoin Ordinals.

This growing adoption rate can see more musicians tokenizing and inscribing more songs to generate more revenues. It can also promote deeper connections between creators and fans.

Alongside his upcoming Bitcoin Ordinals debut, Ghostface Killah teased a whitelist (WL) – individuals or groups who will have early access to his collection release.

The rapper now joins the likes of French Montana, who had recently inscribed unreleased songs using Bitcoin Ordinals.

Hot-Red Rise of Bitcoin Ordinals Continues: A Blessing or Curse

While Bitcoin Ordinals adoption continues to increase, there is a shared concern about its impact on the security of the Bitcoin network and the possible transaction congestion.

According to Bitcoin developer Dashjr, the core Bitcoin code was designed to enable users to limit the size of additional data. Inscriptions can bypass these restrictions by disguising data as program code, however.

A patched bug that enables inscriptions to exceed data limits has been addressed in a Bitcoin Knot Update to mitigate congestion issues.

Regardless, Dashjr believes more bug fixes will eventually stifle the growth of Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions and impact development within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Bitcoin expert has also pointed out that existing inscriptions would continue to exist and be valid.