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Why Kraken is Your Best Trading Partner Ahead of the Next Crypto Bull Run

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Kraken is, without a doubt, your best trading partner ahead of the next crypto bull run as it continues to outshine its competition regarding features, security, and user experience.

With the crypto market heading into its next bull cycle, Kraken offers the best trading experience for newbies and experienced traders, providing you with the advanced tools required to make consistent returns.

With its low fees, intuitive mobile trading app, instant and recurring buy types, and easy-to-use staking function, you need not look further than Kraken for a simple trading experience.


Crypto Bull is Just Getting Started, But You Need to Choose Your Exchange Carefully

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If the November 2022 crash taught us anything, it’s that we must choose our exchange wisely.

The FTX disaster wasn’t the first in the crypto space and won’t be the last.

However, losses can be mitigated by choosing a trading partner that excels in security while maintaining a highly professional trading experience.

If you’re looking for an exchange partner that outshines competition in all areas, then Kraken is the quiet exchange that’s the place to be.

Kraken is described as the crypto exchange for everyone. With over a decade of experience, Kraken has over 9 million clients in 190 countries – proving the trust it’s built with its users since 2011.

With over $270 billion in quarterly trading volume, Kraken is an ideal exchange to start trading crypto.

The Kraken.com platform focuses on user experience, security, and functionality – providing all the features a trader needs to get in the crypto game.

With the crypto market starting to enter its next bullish phase ahead of the upcoming Bitcoin block halving, traders will need new venues to conduct their trading, and none come close to the user experience of Kraken.

Whether you’re a pro trader or just getting started, Kraken provides all the tools you need on your journey to success – providing you with a simple-to-use trading platform.

Kraken Has All the Best Features In One Platform

Trade Through The Kraken Pro Terminal

Kraken stands apart from its competition because it has all the best trading features embedded into one platform. The exchange offers a simple trading interface and an advanced Kraken Pro option.

The Pro interface allows traders to trade spot and margin in an all-in-one powerful interface. It offers low spreads, deep liquidity, advanced order types, and a low latency API. Traders can supercharge their trading with margin that offers up to 5x leverage or head into the futures market to go long or short with over 100 multi-collateral futures options.

Furthermore, Kraken has the easiest-to-use staking features of all exchanges and offers the best mobile trading experience. Let’s dig into what sets Kraken apart.

The Most Sophisticated Staking Options and Intuitive Mobile App

Crypto Rewards With Kraken

Kraken provides the most sophisticated staking options amongst all exchanges, allowing users to earn a healthy 24% APY in rewards by on-chain staking. The platform allows users to stake their assets in just three clicks from their Kraken account balance page and offers staking with zero fees.

Furthermore, the 12 assets available for staking include flexible or bonded periods – with bonded staking offering higher returns. With over $100 million already earned in rewards, it’s clear that users trust Kraken to maintain its staking assets.

Buy And Sell Crypto With Kraken

Furthermore, Kraken offers a highly polished mobile trading application that combines its flagship exchange’s security, trading, and staking features. The mobile application allows traders to manage their positions on the go, providing them with the advanced order types they need at all times.

In addition, it offers access to 24/7/365 global customer support, so the team will always be at and at your fingertips.

Security is of the Highest Standard

Kraken Cybersecurity Protocols

Another reason why Kraken excels amongst its peers is that it holds security to its highest standards. The platform takes a comprehensive approach to protecting all investments in crypto by using sophisticated security measures to prevent the theft of funds, NFTs, and private info.

The exchange has been awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC 2, Type 1 certifications due to its cybersecurity and information security management system. It has a world-class security team that takes a risk-based approach to protect client assets while maintaining performance and client experience.

Overall, Kraken outshines relative to its competition and is certainly a trading venue you must adopt before the bull run enters its manic phases.