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Traders Predict This Coin Will 10x on Initial Exchange Listing Next Week

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The IMPT presale has now passed $14 million in total funds raised, with only six days to go until it officially comes to an end. This gives early investors only a short window of opportunity to buy the IMPT token at a discount before it receives its first listings, with support from Uniswap, LBANK Exchange and Changelly Pro already confirmed.

The success of IMPT’s token sale puts the Ethereum-based exchange platform on a secure footing for its future, with its development of a carbon credit marketplace making it highly attractive to ESG-aware investors. And with other big presales resulting in correspondingly large listings this year, IMPT has every chance of posting some big gains for its eatly investors once it becomes tradeable.

Traders Predict This Coin Will 10x on Initial Exchange Listing Next Week

Since its launch in October, the IMPT presale has been about passing milestones. It raised $150,000 within its first 24 hours and hit $1 million within 72 hours, before moving on to $2 million within five days, and $5 million in a fortnight.

Now, after a month, it has raised $14 million, with the coming six days likely to help it progress toward $15 million and beyond.

One factor helping IMPT towards further targets before its sale closes (on December 11) is that it has recently announced a trio of exchange listings. These are on CEXes, LBANK Exchange and Changelly Pro, as well as on DEX Uniswap, which together currently have a combined 24-hour trading volume of over $2.5 billion.

This combined volume means that IMPT’s potential market will already be significantly large from the get-go, leaving it in a great position to make notable gains once it lists.

Of course, it’s not only its listings and presale momentum that will increase the chances of positive returns for IMPT. It also has very solid fundamentals, which importantly relate to the environment, making it a big draw for the growing numbers of global ESG investors

More specifically, once it launches next year, IMPT will enable consumers to shop via a network of “thousands” of retail brands, all of which contribute a percentage of their sales to environmental initiatives. This means consumers will be able to support eco-friendly projects and causes simply by shopping online, with IMPT reporting in its whitepaper that it has signed up more than 25,000 affiliate brands.

Also, IMPT will reward consumers with its native IMPT tokens for shopping through its platform. In turn, these tokens can be used on IMPT to purchase NFT-based carbon credits, which can then either be sold on IMPT’s marketplace or retired.

Either way, IMPT has outlined a reward structure that will encourage greener behavior on the part of consumers and retailers alike. It will potentially help develop a virtuous circle, with more retailers causing more consumers to join the platform and more consumers causing more retailers and businesses to adopt greener behavior.

Also, the use of Ethereum will help make the market for carbon credits more transparent, largely because all NFT-based credits will be publicly viewable on the Ethereum blockchain. A lack of transparency has been a problem for this market for years, so the move to a transparent and public ledger will go some way to solving many pre-existing issues.

IMPT Token Gains

During the first stage of its presale, 1 IMPT token was sold for only $0.018, while the second (and final) stage is offering it at $0.023. Such prices are likely to seem cheap once the IMPT receives its first listings next week.

It’s naturally difficult to say how far it will rise, but a number of other high-profile listings from earlier in the year suggest that the gains will be impressive. For instance, Tamadoge (TAMA) rose by as much as 1,800% after listing for the first time in October, while Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT) witnessed increases as high as 6,000% and 3,000% compared to their initial presale prices.

A 1,000% rise for IMPT would imply a price of $0.198, while a 3,000% increase would mean $0.558. Regardless, the altcoin would be well on its way to reaching whole numbers, something which is seemingly only a matter of time.

With a total maximum supply of three billion IMPT, such a rise isn’t out of the question, particularly if next year witnesses improved macroeconomic conditions and renewed market optimism. And with strong fundamentals and a promising roadmap, IMPT is well-placed to have a good 2023.

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