Coinbase, Nifty Island and Nyan Heroes – Top NFT News Today – 19 January

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Coinbase, Nifty Island and Nyan Heroes - Top NFT News Today – 19 January
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The non-fungible token (NFT) is seeing another mixed day with NFT news varying in sentiment.

Sales volume was down 13% over the past 24 hours at the time of writing and is currently at $42,893,676.

NFT transactions have seen a 9% drop in the same period. And while sellers are down 3.5%, buyers are up nearly 10%.

MintID is the best performer among the top 10 collections by sales volume. It went up 382% in a day to $2.2 million. The second-best Mutant Ape Yacht Club increased 74% to $949,433.

CryptoUndeads, though taking the first place among the top 10, has also seen the largest drop in volume: 72% to $2.3 million. Pudgy Penguins follow it with a 49% drop to $2 million.

Decreased sales volume certainly hasn’t slowed down the NFT news mill.

Today in NFT news, read about Coinbase NFTs’ new AI-powered feature, the Nifty Island’s open beta, and Nyan Heroes’ early access play-to-airdrop and its first airdrop quiz.

Coinbase’s Marketplace Unveils AI-generated NFT Feature

Creating NFTs can be quite complicated – and potentially pricy – for the average user.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s NFT marketplace has revealed Instamint. This novel feature is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to enable all users to generate their own NFTs.

The new tool is meant to simplify the NFT creation process, possibly helping aspiring artists.

To generate “an on-chain collection, for you, or for sale,” as the website says, a user just needs to add a photo and name, describe the future NFT, and set the gas price in ETH.

The last one is optional, starting with $0.01.

Coinbase NFT launched in beta in June 2023.

The platform has been built as an open marketplace where users can trade NFTs utilizing their own non-custodial wallets, such as MetaMask, without having to use the Coinbase Wallet, the team said.

The exchange also noted that it planned to decentralize the marketplace by “moving [features] from Coinbase tech to decentralized solutions.” It would also add support for NFTs on blockchains other than Ethereum.

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Nifty Island NFT News: Open Beta is Live

“The time has come. The Nifty Island Open Beta is now live and free to play for everyone,” the team’s updates said.

To play, users can head to the website and connect via MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, or social/email account.

The team explained that its airdrop will comprise “several waves.” This way, it will never be “too late to hop in.”

The airdrop dashboard will let each player view the details about the points they earned during play-to-airdrop.

Once logged in, players will be able to check their tier via the Airdrop tab. “Collector tiers impact how heavily your points will be weighted towards your future ISLAND allocation,” the post said.

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Nyan Heroes Completes the First Quiz, Announces Early Access Play-To-Airdrop

The much-anticipated game Nyan Heroes has announced a play-to-airdrop campaign.

According to the blog post, it will allow the community to get the NYN ecosystem tokens. The token “will form the economic backbone” of Nyan Heroes and any future games released in this universe.

The Early Access Game will be available to everybody, but NFT (Nyan Heroes or Guardians) owners will be eligible for additional airdrop rewards.

Furthermore, some of the challenges during the next few weeks will reward the top participants with the Genesis collection NFTs. The owners will be able to use them during the play-to-airdrop campaign to boost airdrop rewards.

Meanwhile, the team has today completed the first Airdrop Quiz in the series with this week’s question.

Developed by 9 Lives Interactive, Nyan Heroes is a team-based hero shooter featuring small cats piloting giant mechs.

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