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Today in Crypto: Swarm Launches EU-compliant KYC Solution for Tokenized Securities, CoinList Reveals Fund for US Investors to Stake Crypto

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 3 min read
Source: AdobeStock / Gorodenkoff

Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news – investigating the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news.

Regulation news

  • Regulated DeFi platform Swarm launched its onboarding application programming interface (API), allowing institutions and enterprises who do not have a know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) provider to offer regulatory-compliant tokenized securities and trading to their users under German law. Per the press release, the onboarding API is intended to serve partners who do not have their own KYC provider, while for partners who do have one, the platform will soon provide a KYC Sharing API. The API verifies users’ identities and source of funds, which is typical for onboarding to stock brokerage accounts to trade securities, it added.

Exchange news

  • CoinList launched a first-of-its-kind family of staking funds that allow US accredited investors to earn rewards through investment in a fund whose strategy is to stake digital assets, said the press release. At launch, the funds will support staking of Ethereum (ETH) and Near (NEAR), with support of other digital assets including Flow (FLOW), Mina (MINA), Casper (CSPR), Agoric (BLD), Threshold (T), Sui (SUI), and Oasis (ROSE) to be made available in the future. The crypto launchpad and exchange said that each digital asset will be pooled with like assets and staked according to the requirements of the protocol, and investors’ rewards will be issued in the native token in which they initially purchased fund interests or according to the rules of the protocol. 

Gaming news

  • iBLOXX Studios, the developer behind the soon-to-launch battle Royal shooter game StrayShot, announced its collaboration with NBA personalities LaMelo, Lonzo Ball, and the entire Big Baller Brand family. The game’s open beta launches with two of the top NBA players as playable characters (NFTs). According to the press release, the Web3 gameplay is enabled by UX design from iBLOXX Studios and by the gas-free, high-speed performance of SKALE Network. iBLOXX Studios will also release the Ball NFT collection as exclusive NFTs, tradable across all major marketplaces, including OpenSea. StrayShot is also building its own digital gaming assets marketplace where players can purchase in-game NFTs, it added.

Blockchain news

  • Contributing Worldcoin developers recently updated the project’s state bridges to use a new architecture that saves gas and enables anyone to create a bridge for any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chain. State bridges are used to bridge the latest Merkle root to Optimism so that `OpWorldID` can properly validate the proofs. According to the announcement, teams can now develop and operate their own state bridge permissionlessly to integrate World ID with their preferred blockchain and application. “This enhancement has the potential to unlock new applications for a sybil-resistant, proof-of-personhood primitive,” Worldcoin said.
  • Crypto startup Alchemy announced the launch of its Account Kit, described as a complete toolkit to embed smart accounts in an app with social login, gas abstraction, batch transactions, and more. “Powered by account abstraction (ERC-4337), Account Kit makes it possible to build products that feel like web2 but are fully web3 under the hood,” the blog post said. From a UX perspective, end-users can expect familiar user experience, including sign-up with an email, social login, or a seed phrase for native Web3 users; sponsored gas fees so the users can try the app for free, with no ETH required; and ability to design one’s own checkout flow and sign transactions in the background.
  • Singapore-based blockchain analytics firm announced the addition of Layer 1 blockchain NEAR to its portfolio of on-chain data accessible via Query – Nansen’s enterprise-ready blockchain data platform. Investors, developers, and community members are offered access to critical insights into blockchain activity, user behavior, and market trends within the NEAR ecosystem, the announcement said. The Nansen Query dashboard will deliver programmatic access to real-time data points to users to help them maximize their investments. “With access to these advanced analytics, users are empowered to contribute to the overall growth and innovation within the blockchain ecosystem,” the firm added.