Bitcoin Price Prediction: Analysts Weigh In On What Bitcoin Traders Need To Know Right Now?

Charles Bovaird
Last updated: | 2 min read
bitcoin price prediction

The bitcoin price has been trading north of $28,000 lately as the cryptocurrency fluctuates within a well-defined range – we asked some high-profile technical analysts where the price is headed next. 

The digital currency has experienced some minor price gyrations in the past few days, but it has remained stuck below $29,000, according to Bitstamp data provided by TradingView. 

In light of these recent price movements, several analysts weighed in on where the cryptocurrency might go next, as well as the key levels of support and resistance it could encounter. 

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Short-term technical analysis: strong resistance at $30k

btcusd price chart - strong resistance at $30k
When offering input for this particular article, some market experts chose to focus on the near future, zeroing in on that time frame to evaluate the key variables driving bitcoin’s price movements. 

“Based on daily timeframes, the market is bearish overall after liquidity was swept in the 30k-28.5k range because of the FUD on Monday (Cointelegraph’s erroneous report of a supposed BlackRock ETF approval),” said Joe Lee, CEO of cryptocurrency venture capital fund Magnr

“The next key level to watch out for is at 27.5k for resistance and 26.5k as more liquidity is forming in that zone. A strong support level is needed in order for markets to turn bullish again.” 

Tim Enneking, managing director of Digital Capital Management, also offered some helpful input.  

“In the short term, support is $28k, very strong resistance is $30k,” he stated. 

Brett Sifling, an investment advisor for Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management, also weighed in. 

“In the short term, I think market participants are watching the $30,000 level that was proved as resistance this week,” he stated. 

Armando Aguilar, an independent cryptocurrency analyst, also chimed in, stating that “BTC could see new bullish momentum if it clears the $28.5k resistance zone which was seen as consolidation ground.” 

“The next upper key resistance levels would be above the $29.3k – $29.5k range,” he added. 

Longer-term technical analysis: break above $32,000 could see bullish momentum resume 

btcusd price chart - support at $28k

Some of the market observers who provided technical analysis for this particular piece viewed the situation using a broader time frame. 

“Longer term, the support at $28k is pretty weak; there is, however, quite strong support at $26k,” said Enneking. 

“Resistance remains at the same level ($30k), but is much stronger over the longer term. $30k was broken to the downside in May 2021 and hasn’t been broken meaningfully (by a large margin or for an extended period) since.” 

Sifling also offered some perspective on this particular situation. 

“If Bitcoin can gain momentum over $30,000 and break this year’s consolidated range of $32,000, it could suggest that longer-term bullish momentum is resuming,” he stated. 

Contrary to this, if Bitcoin falls below the $25,000 support level that held in June and September, it could suggest that the bears are in control and $20,000 would be the next line in the sand to watch,” said Sifling.