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This Sustainable Crypto Just Signed an Affiliate Deal with Lego and River Island on its New Green Platform

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The IMPT presale is going from strength, having now crossed the $10,500,000 threshold in its mission of revolutionizing the carbon credits industry. 

IMPT onboards Lego and River Island 

The team at IMPT has not been dormant throughout this presale process and has continued to onboard more companies to their affiliate program – there are now over 25,000 companies working with the platform, and this number is increasing on a weekly basis. 

In addition to having already onboarded industry giants such as Microsoft, IMPT has recently onboarded Lego and River Island as affiliate partners.

These companies have been chosen because they are deemed to be companies that are highly ESG-friendly and compliant.

The explosive rise of crypto and ESG investing 

The rise in investment in the crypto space has been extremely noticeable, even to the casual observer, over the past few years. Bitcoin has risen from almost nothing to becoming a trillion-dollar asset class in just over a decade, and a variety of Turing complete blockchains have also grown to add a variety of utility to the space.

What has also been extremely noticeable, although not so much in the conscience of the retail investor, has been the rise in ESG investing

This is perhaps explained by the notion that the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) industry is expected to rise significantly in the coming years.

Rewarding “responsible shopping” 

IMPT is a project that hopes to reward investors for their contributions to the world of ESG by making individuals eligible for cash-back rewards when they spend through the IMPT platform. 

These can then be redeemed for carbon credits in the form of NFTs to showcase one’s green credentials. 

Unlike the traditional market for carbon credits, which is heavily bureaucratic and antiquated, using the blockchain means that the entire process can be conducted seamlessly, transparently, and efficiently. Not only this, but IMPT is the first project that will incentivize individuals as well as companies to reduce their carbon footprints. 

IMPT presale crosses the $10m threshold 

The IMPT presale has been extremely successful thus far, having now crossed the $10m threshold. 

This is a hugely significant milestone and means that the project is well on its way to achieving their goals of changing the carbon credit industry for the better

In a year that has been marked by successful presales, such as Tamadoge, which then went on to return 1800% to presale investors, a project of this caliber is not one to be missed.

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