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The Hottest Presale

SolarAI: Revolutionary cryptocurrency based on solar energy and artificial intelligence reaches $1.2 million in pre-sale

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.
Offering vital solutions for the future of the entire ecosystem.

SolarAI, the cryptocurrency focused on solar energy and artificial intelligence, has raised more than $1.2 million during its pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of $0.0015 per unit and a final listing price of $0.015. This impressive achievement reflects the growing interest in its sustainable vision.

SolarAI offers investors the opportunity to support innovative projects in renewable energy and AI, opening new investment possibilities. Its pre-sale success positions it for a promising future. 

They are not only innovating in new and eco-friendly mining methods, but also offer an entire ecosystem of products.  

  • SolarFARM: Launch the stake project for pre-sale investors, ensuring a solid base of committed participants.
  • SolarDex: Develop and launch the monitoring platform to provide transparency and visibility into SolarBlock network operations.
  • SolarBlock: Establish and strengthen the SolarBlock network to ensure the security and reliability of all solar transactions.
  • SolarTrust: Introduce the Cold Wallet to provide secure and reliable storage for SolarCoin and other related digital assets.
  • SolarCard: Launch the BlackCard to offer exclusive privileges to SolarCoin holders, promoting adoption and engagement.
  • SolCEX Trade: Implement the AI-based automatic trading system to enhance efficiency and accuracy in commercial operations.
  • SolChat: Introduce the AI-based chat platform to encourage interaction and collaboration within the SolarAI community.
  • SolarDesign: Launch the AI CREATOR Web3 platform to empower creativity and innovation in the $SolarAI ecosystem.

“At SOLAR AI, we believe that the community is the fundamental pillar of our project. Without it, we would be nothing.

The members of our community are the ones who help us spread our message, develop our project and build a better future for everyone.

They are the ones who give us the strength to move forward, despite the challenges. They are the ones who inspire us to be better.

Therefore, we want to thank all members of our community for their support. Without you, we would not be what we are today.”

Henry Davies | CEO & FOUNDER, SOLAR AI.

All presale investors will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in their Dividend #Bank, where you can potentially generate returns of up to 30% monthly on your total presale investment. By simply holding onto your tokens during the launch phase, investors can take advantage of this lucrative opportunity, while also contributing to the stability of the token value.

Tokens sold during the Presale: 2,000,000,000

Current price: 1 $SolarAI = $0.0015 USD

Exchange listing price: 1 $SolarAI= $0.015 USD

Presale ends when all tokens are sold.

About SolarAI

SolarAI LLC is a company registered in the USA, under the law of the state of Colorado, for the purposes of infrastructure construction, and aims to revolutionize the Real World Assets segment with infrastructure and technology for the production of solar energy.


Follow SolarAI closely to know its impact on the cryptocurrency market. 



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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.