Socrates: Redefining Web3 Social Media by Rewarding Engaging Debates

Socrates, a global web3 social media and entertainment platform based on blockchain technology, is revolutionising the social media experience worldwide. Following a successful testing phase, the app has now launched on multiple blockchains, and we invite wisdom seeks and web3 users alike to join our community and experience the platform.

What is Socrates?

Seamlessly combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, Socrates empowers and incentivises user engagement through multiple-choice Q&As, debates, and the sharing of knowledge. Our platform is designed to reward unique perspectives, with a mission of encouraging conversations between individuals, broadening perspectives and fostering community. Beyond just a social network, Socrates is a cultural gateway to link up with like-minded thinkers who have free expression.

How does the platform work?

Exploring Socrates is user-friendly and straightforward. Users can initiate multiple-choice Q&As on any topic, sparking fierce debates and fostering valuable interaction. Engaging in various actions such as asking a question, voting, commenting, liking others’ comments, and supporting questions contributes to a dynamic prize pool.

Available online or via the app, you can easily access the platform by connecting your non-custodial wallet through multiple blockchains. Craft your Pen, select your sphere of interest, initiate or contribute to the dialogues that matter, and have the potential to earn great USDT rewards.

How can you earn rewards?

Rewards are distributed in the form of points, which can easily be redeemed at a 1:1 ratio for USDT. Every user interaction costs a small amount of points that gets added to the prize pool i.e. asking a question will always cost 0.16 USDT*. Once the question closes, the prize pool is distributed among participants.

In Socrates, there are five enticing types of prizes that contribute to the excitement of the platform: the Creator Prize, Discussion Prize, Reason Prize, Likes Prize, and Support Prize. Although most rewards are not guaranteed and are based on a lot of factors, they’re given out for simple actions, such as voting on an answer, commenting to explain why, and liking others’ comments when the question closes. So active engagement on the platform significantly increases the likelihood of earning potential rewards. It’s important to note that question creators are guaranteed to receive the Question Creator Prize (5% of the total points awarded to winning users from the prize pool, and if it goes trending, an additional 10% of the previous day’s SBT Pen sales and upgrade revenue)!

As questions become trending, the overall prize pool grows, presenting participants with even more opportunities to earn rewards. Remarkably, the platform has seen a prize pool exceeding 3000 USDT*, and some users have earned over 100 USDT* with a single click while voting on a question! In addition, Socrates introduces the concept of NFTs to the platform. Users who are fortunate enough to own an NFT Pen by randomly obtaining it or purchasing it on OpenSea stand the chance to enjoy a larger share of the prize pool!

A recent question from the Socrates platform asked by a user, where the prize pool reached over 3000 USDT*!

How is the platform built?

Socrates firmly believes in the importance of freedom of speech and enabling individuals to share and get rewarded for their honest opinions in everyday life. There’s no need for users to grasp complex gaming strategies; thanks to a dynamic Socrates team of 200+ individuals from leading fintech, web3 and crypto companies, the platform is built using an innovative and intuitive user interface that makes discussion more fun than ever! This simple yet rewarding interaction model offers everyone a new gaming experience within the web3 space to think freely, combat misinformation, and effortlessly earn rewards anytime, anywhere.

Experience the future of digital discourse and knowledge sharing with Socrates. Together, let’s embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, celebrating the richness of diverse voices in our community.



* USDT awarded in the form of points that can redeemed 1:1 for USDT


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.