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Shiba Inu Rival Tamadoge Setting Crypto Gaming Industry Alight as it Eliminates P2E Barriers to Entry

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 6 min read
Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.
Tamadoge teams up with Web3Auth. 

Friday May 5th 2023 – Memecoin Tamadoge just announced a new partnership with Web3Auth, bringing frictionless onboarding of non-crypto native players to Tamdoge’s web3 gaming ecosystem. 

Now, thanks to the deal with Web3Auth, all that players will need to sign-up and play games in the Tamadoge Arcade is an email address.

This is a huge move for both Tamadoge and crypto in general. Play-to-earn games are a great idea and still one of the most popular sectors in crypto. 

Web3 gaming potentially provides so much that the legacy gaming world doesn’t, such as the chance to earn and secure ownership of your in-game assets.

But none of that is any good if no one can access the games to play them in the first place. 

From the outset, the team at Tamadoge has said it wants to solve the problem of bridging between Web2 and Web3.

Today it has delivered on that aim.

Tamadoge Thinks Play-2-Earn (P2E) Gaming Should Be Accessible to All

To realize its ambition of being a publisher of mass-market products with millions of users, eliminating the substantial barrier to entry that holds back much of the P2E space was an urgent necessity.

Many gamers, in particular those who are new to the world of crypto wallets, balk at the complexity involved in connecting their wallets to the games they want to play. 

This often results in frustration and abandonment of the games altogether.

Tamadoge was not immune to this problem, as the team noticed a high number of drop-offs, as seen in the number of visitors to the page and the actual number of plays.

Notwithstanding the difficulties confronting potential players of the arcade games, Tamadoge has still been able to attract more than 35,000 monthly active users to its five games so far released. 

That might not sound much compared to World of Warcraft or Call of Duty, but Tamadoge has more monthly active users than top crypto projects The Sandbox and Decentraland combined.

Still, it is a huge disappointment not being able to convert all of those interested in playing the games into actual players.

The feedback the project has had for its games has been overwhelmingly positive, with players describing them as fun and addictive.

That only made the team’s determination to fix the onboarding problem all the more pressing.

Visit Tamadoge Here

Web3Auth Makes it Easier Than Ever to Get Started Playing Tamadoge Games

Now, thanks to Web3Auth, the vendor of a simple authentication infrastructure for Web3 wallets and applications, Tamadoge is now in reach of millions more potential players. 

New sign-ups can also use their Google, Apple or Facebook accounts.

With Web3Auth, Tamadoge has been able to simplify the sign-up process for the Tamadoge Arcade.

It is now easier than ever for gamers to start playing and earning rewards.

It means, for the first time, that gamers looking to explore the Tamadoge Arcade can start having fun instantly, without the need to connect a wallet right away. 

So if you are new to crypto and don’t have a wallet, you can still dive into the game and start enjoying the gameplay right away without any hassle. 

For those who have thought twice about venturing beyond the wall gardens of Web2 gaming who had their doubts about crypto, now’s the chance to take a look.

Tamadoge’s Generous Giveaway to New Sign-ups

Tamadoge believes that once newcomers have played the games they will be hooked.

To that end the project is providing new sign-ups with free credits to get them started.

Once players get the hang of every jump, swerve, dip and dive in the games, the team believes most will want to purchase tokens and graduate to the big leagues and to start competing for the top spot on the leaderboards. 

In a major boost for Tamadoge’s onboarding efforts, users can now choose to connect their wallet later and still have access to Tama Island and the leaderboards.

Playing Tamadoge Arcade games could not be easier.

All potential players have to do is supply an email address to get started with their play-to-earn gaming adventure.

CEO Jon Bishop: ‘Tamadoge is Leading the Way in Taking Web3 to a Mass Audience’

Spearheading the mission to take Web3 into the mass market is game industry veteran Jon Bishop, the CEO of Tamadoge.

Bishop brings a wealth of experience to the role.

He previously held senior positions in fintech, crypto and gaming, working for companies such as eBay, PayPal and Coda.

He is also the former head of mobile for Outright Games, a publisher that develops games for huge IP brands such as Peppa Pig, Bratz and PAW Patrol among others. 

For those that may not know, Outright Games is the world’s largest publisher of children’s games.

And Bishop knows a thing or two about crypto assets.

He was previously marketing director for Huobi Global, the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Commenting on the Web3Auth partnership, Bishop said: “Tamadoge is leading the way in taking Web3 gaming to a mass audience.”

Tamadoge App Coming in May 

Tamadoge has launched five arcade games so far, so new players have plenty to choose from.

At the moment, the games can only be played on a desktop.

However, in May the hotly anticipated smartphone app is expected to be released and that could be accompanied by the launch of the Tamadoge Pet Store.

Furthermore, transaction activity in the Tamadoge Pet Store, where cosmetic items can be bought for Tamadoge Pets, provides the tokenomics with deflationary economics because of the associated burn mechanism. 

The token burn mechanism sees the equivalent of 10% of all purchase amounts being burned, thereby reducing the supply and enhancing value.

Tamadoge’s clever blending of meme coin and the Tamagotchi craze that took Asia and the world by storm and still burns a firmament in the internet zeitgeist, all but guarantees a growing following for the coin.

Enter the Tamaverse with Just an Email

Later this year the Tamaverse, featuring full augmented reality (AR) app functionality, will be launched. 

With Apple’s AR/VR mixed-reality headset to be announced at its developer conference in June and Snapchat’s recent moves in the area, the interest around AR is exploding.

The Tamaverse couldn’t have picked a better year to launch.

Again, with mass adoption in mind, to enter the Tamaverse players will not need an expensive headset – only the mobile app.

AR will enable players to nurture their Tamadoge Pet around the clock as well as interact with it in the real world, thanks to augmented reality tech.

As each player’s Tamadoge Pet grows – you can have more than one pet – and climbs the leaderboard, it will be able to battle with other pets in an engaging breakthrough gameplay environment. 

And all this will be available with just an email to get started. 

The TAMA token can be bought on 18 centralized exchanges, including OKX and Bybit

Buy Tamadoge Now

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.