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This Shiba Inu Contender Triumphs as Crypto Market Champion with Over $6.65M Raised in Presale

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Shiba Inu is a meme coin leader. Its triumph influences the price of other projects in its class like DigiToads. SHIB has a market capitalization of about $4.7 billion, down some points from its all-time high of $36.2 billion. The project stands tall and is 17th in the crypto ranking charts. Its pure meme appeal has recently received a utility dimension with Puppynet recording over 30 million transactions–an impressive feat.

The movements of Shiba Inu in the market highlight a budding project on a similar trajectory. DigiToads is the project, which is inspiring an impressive run early on. Its movements will probably match those of Shiba Inu. Read more to know more about the DigiToads project.

DigiToads Market-Defying Early Run Gradually Tracing Shiba Inu’s Success

The explosive growth of DigiToads is one of a kind. Only a few projects can boast of matching its meteoric runs early on. In its market-defying moment, it has already shattered the $5 million mark in a matter of weeks, and so far has earned over $6.65 million. While in stage ten, it still has several weeks to go live officially. In this period, it will probably break more records to reach heights only a few projects can fantasize about. 

The project is up 400% since launch. In about two weeks, it will achieve a milestone that will uplift it some points higher to settle at 450%. The impressive gains are a welcome bonus to early participants, whose contribution has made it pick the attention of crypto whales looking for something exciting. Throughout the presale, those participating have enjoyed massive giveaways, which will continue past the official launch of TOADS on 15th August.

DigiToads sets on pushing its project on a passive income path. While the route seems to be a hook for people to join in droves, it encourages healthy tokenomics, making TOADS valuable to hold. The swamp arena is the virtual region that will power the gaming prize pools, which feed the whole community with passive TOAD tokens. 

The arena is rife with NFTs, characters that make it possible to interact in battles. The characters also bring the root meme powering the project to life, making them something to truly behold for the meme lovers who adore them. Those on top of the leaderboard get the prizes and help the in-gaming marketplace gather income for the benefit of the whole community.

Beyond the financial returns, DigiToads offers massive opportunities to learn the inner workings of the blockchain. The project runs on the Ethereum network, which pioneered secondary classes of tokens, of which DigiToads forms a part. While in the ecosystem, stakeholders have first-class experience transacting their TOADS for other assets. They learn how to mint NFTs, and finally have an up-close view of how a metaverse functions.

The Investor-centered Approach Taken by Digitoads

The DigiToads leadership functions on democratic principles. Various pools in the project make this possible. The pools total three, a notable one being the prize pool. The pool receives income from various activities in the project, meaning it is set on a sustainable path that can run forever.

Liquidity pools are the true pioneers of democracy in the project, as they allow people in and out easily. The pool is a fund that permits easy exchange of TOADS to fiat and back.

Staking pools open up the project to investors and help people to maintain their TOAD currencies for massive prizes at the end. The longer a person holds on to a token, the higher the returns at the end of the returns period. 

Other features that make the project remarkable are the token burn feature, which helps eliminate excess tokens when they exceed healthy limits. 

Final Note

The DigiToads project is one to behold, judging from the way it has put investors’ interests at the forefront. Its current runs are reminiscent of Shiba Inu’s market behavior, which inspired the popular meme coin to reach impressive heights. DigiToads double appeal, combining a meme and utility will continue to push it, and soon it will rival Shiba Inu.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.