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Play-to-Earn Crypto Games are Going Viral and This New Project Is Dominating – Here’s Why

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Calvaria is leading among play-to-earn (P2E) games due to its superior design and future potential. As the industry continues to thrive, experts believe its native RIA token is a solid investment. Here’s why.

Calvaria: Multiple Earning Opportunities for an Impressive Game 

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new blockchain game with the hallmarks of becoming the leader in P2E gaming. The platform is currently under development and draws inspiration from industry giants such as Gods Unchained to create the ideal free trading card and strategy game.

The Calvaria gameplay is intriguing. Players can travel to a metaverse to purchase non fungible token (NFT) trading cards representing different characters. 

These NFTs give players complete control over their assets, and they can compete in head-to-head battles, single-player campaigns, and seasonal tournaments. 

Currently, the crypto space is filled with several gaming platforms offering different benefits to players who want to gain. Calvaria bridges the gap between the physical and virtual spaces, allowing players to build trading card decks and use them to battle those of other players. 

The game will be available on mobile and desktop platforms, making it accessible regardless of location or device selected. Calvaria will also release two versions of its game; a free-to-play and a play-to-earn mode. 

With the play-to-earn, players can easily upgrade their NFT collections, earn royalties from secondary card sales, compete in tournaments, enjoy exclusive access to new NFT collections, and much more.

The free version will allow players to enjoy Calvaria without linking their crypto wallets, while the other provides connectivity for wallets and earning opportunities. This creative approach is expected to help the platform engage with as many players as possible. 

Besides its gameplay, Calvaria is expected to dominate the crypto gaming space with unique 3D characters and an in-game story mode. The game also provides a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace and educational material. 

RIA – A Chance to Invest & Earn 

Calvaria, like most gaming platforms, has a native token. This token, known as RIA, is expected to power all of the operations available in this ecosystem. It can be used to trade NFTs in the game’s in-app marketplace, and it can also be exchanged for eRIA – the token players receive when they win battles.

RIA can also be staked to earn more tokens and participate in governance via the game’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Holding the token is also the primary way to participate in many social media competitions and community initiatives.

The metaverse has huge potential going forward, and Calvaria is looking to harness this for additional growth. The platform’s prospects are high, and so are the prospects for its RIA token.

RIA is currently in the final stage of its presale, and only 20% of tokens are left to be purchased. With over $2.47 million already raised, investor demand for this digital asset is high.

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