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This New Crypto Platform Is Changing the Game for the Electric Vehicle Industry – Less than 48 Hours Left Before Stage 6

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

C+Charge believes electric transportation is the most environmentally friendly option. As a result, it aims to provide a better electric vehicle (EV) charging experience in order to promote and facilitate the transition to sustainable electric mobility.

However, given the current number of electric vehicles (EVs), there is limited infrastructure for electric charging stations, hindering the development required for widespread adoption.

Using blockchain technology, the platform aims to become the industry standard for electric vehicle charging payments by creating a robust Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment mechanism for EV charging stations.

The green initiative native token, $CCHG, is currently on presale and has raised more than $2.78 million so far. 

There are less than 48 hours left before the token, and now is an ideal time to invest.

Creating a New Look for the EV Industry 

According to a recent International Council on Sustainable Transportation research, approximately 10,000 or more charging stations would be needed by 2025 to accommodate EVs commuting along inner-city thoroughfares – this is based on rising EV ownership patterns. 

Due to the increased maintenance and training costs, building managers are hesitant to install such equipment, so parking garages are rarely equipped with charging infrastructure for EV users who live in apartments.

However, a lot of issues need to be solved before the infrastructure for charging stations can be increased. 

Firstly, large cities have always had the highest number of EVs since their restricted range requirements and lower operating costs in high-cost areas have made them popular.

Multi-family apartments and commercial office buildings – which house the majority of parking garages in these areas – are unsuitable for hosting charging stations due to their communal nature. 

In community garages, the building is required to pass on the additional cost to EV owners. This is unlike standard at-home charging alternatives for single-family houses, where the owner directly pays the electricity bill. 

A parking garage may only have one or two EV chargers, which makes scheduling charging for EV owners difficult. As a result, many building owners and garage managers have concluded that these aspects and other purported hassles do not justify investing in charging devices. 

Even so, C+Charge believes these areas have excellent potential, given the expected growth in EV demand in cities over the next few years.

Paying with the C+Charge app will lessen payment problems and the requirement to set up POS systems in garages.

Building managers can use their app to enable charging systematically, increasing revenue for their facilities.

They will also be able to adjust pricing to meet energy variations better thanks to the real-time information transfer, allowing them to maintain profitability while remaining open with their tenants.

The eco-friendly project aims to overcome the infrastructure and economic problems limiting the expansion of the EV sector with its network application and utility token. 

The C+Charge network and utility token launch at a crucial time in the market. It seeks to help push rapidly expanding EV charging networks that will power the EV revolution as energy prices continue to rise.

$CCHG: The Crypto-Powered Token

$CCHG maintains the entire ecosystem, and users will be able to use the token for EV charging fees at appropriate stations while participating in larger network activities.

At the time of writing, $CCHG is selling for $0.019 per token. However, there are less than 48 hours before stage 6 presale elapses, and the token price increases to $0.02. 

So far, the digital asset has raised over $2.78 million from enthusiastic investors.  

Recently, the startup developers announced plans to list directly on the BitMart exchange by March 31.

According to leading cryptocurrency statistics provider, BitMart, established in March 2018, is rated 29th worldwide. The exchange, which has its headquarters in the Cayman Islands, transacts more than $500 million worth of securities every day.

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