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Electric Vehicle Charging Solution that Utilizes Crypto Payments Collects More Than $1.5 Million in Presale – Here’s How to Get Involved

Tom Sheen
Last updated: | 2 min read

The C+Charge presale has now raised more than $1.5 million and has entered into stage 4 – with CCHG tokens increasing by 6.25% to $0.017 each.

The project, which is incentivizing electric vehicle (EV) ownership through a carbon credit rewards scheme and mobile app.

Each presale stage lasts eight days and there will be eight in total, with any unsold tokens are immediately burned – so far 35 million tokens have been taken out of the 1 billion supply of CCHG.

By the eighth and final presale stage, CCHG will cost $0.0235 each, a 38% increase over the price at the time of writing.

Offset Carbon Footprint While Recharging

C+Charge has been designed to incentivize EV ownership and make it much more convenient and efficient for drivers.

The project will own and operate recharging stations around the world and recharging will be paid for using CCHG tokens, allowing for a much more standardized price than is currently the case.

Furthermore, C+Charge will allow EV drivers to further offset their carbon footprint by offering carbon credits as a reward simply for recharging.

The project has partnered with Flowcarbon – which enjoyed a $70 million VC investment round in 2022 – to offer Goodness Nature Tokens (GNT), which are 1:1 backed by carbon credits from verified carbon regeneration programs.

Carbon credits are permits that offset the holder’s carbon footprint, with one credit equal to one ton of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Previously, the carbon credit market had been dominated by huge companies, with buyers spending to offset their carbon usage and get in line with government mandates and sellers – such as Tesla – able to generate billions annually by selling them.

C+Charge will democratize the carbon credit market and also allow individuals to improve their green efforts.

The C+Charge mobile app, as well as being a wallet to purchase and store CCHG tokens, will also help drivers find EV ownership more convenient and efficient.

It will contain crucial information such as the location of the nearest charging station, waiting times and pricing – things that are all difficult to get hold of as it stands.

How to Purchase CCHG

CCHG tokens have just entered stage 4 of its crypto presale with interest and hype growing around the project.

Potential buyers can follow our CCHG beginners’ buying guide for full step-by-step instructions on how to purchase CCHG.

As mentioned above, there is a max supply of 1 billion CCHG tokens – however, a token burn of unsold presale tokens has already started and will continue in the remaining stages should more tokens go unsold.

A total of 400 million (40%) has been allocated to the presale with a hard cap of $6.85 million and no vesting period.

C+Charge, which saw a crypto whale invest $100,000 with a single purchase in stage 1, has been developed by a doxxed team that is KYC-verified by CoinSniper. SolidProof has also audited the CCHG smart contract.

The project is also offering a $50,000 CCHG token giveaway during its presale.

Join the C+Charge Telegram group for more information and the latest news on the project.

PhasePrice% of presale tokensNumber of Tokens$ ValueStage End Date
1$0.01301560,000,000$780,000Feb 8
2$0.01451560,000,000$870,000Feb 15
3$0.01601560,000,000$960,000Feb 22
4$0.01701560,000,000$1,020,000Mar 1
5$0.01801040,000,000$720,000Mar 8
6$0.01901040,000,000$760,000Mar 15
7$0.02001040,000,000$800,000Mar 22
8$0.02351040,000,000$940,000Mar 29
TOTAL80% increase100%400,000,000$6.85 million 


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