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MobileGo Outperforms Most of the Market

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 2 min read

MobileGo (MGO), a token which uses both Ethereum and Waves blockchains to enable peer-to-peer matches and decentralized tournaments for gamers, has gained more than 14% in price during the past 24 hours (UTC 11:06 AM,) and almost 55% in the past week.

Source: iStock/lvcandy

Partially responsible for this rally were the news that MobileGo now has a gateway for Ethereum wallet MetaMask. MetaMask is a plugin for the Chrome browser for quick payments and transfers in the Ethereum network. Since MGO uses the Ethereum blockchain, its tokens can be stored in Ethereum wallets. As the team explains in a blog post, “The plugin is intended to serve as an intermediary between your Metamask/MEW wallet and partnering websites that are going to be connected in the future […] You transfer the MGO tokens you want to spend to your Metamask account, but since Metamask doesn’t show the MGO balance by default, you can use the mnemonic that is used for importing the account, in order to login to our gateway. The gateway will show you only your MGO balance, without cluttering your interface with other tokens.”

However, they do note that currently it is only possible to receive funds via the Wallet, as the send function is not yet implemented, adding, “We are working on the transactions feature that will soon make this a full-fledged MGO Wallet that can be used to see your MGO balance, in case you have account(s) on Metamask and My Ether Wallet.”

This boost to the price possibly came from the news that the team is soon releasing a Payment API (application programming interface) for all game developers that want to utilize MGO as a payment method in their games through direct integration. There will be three options: a fee that can be paid for by developers, one that can be paid for by users, and a standard API with an ETH fee.

“Over the course of the last year, MGO tokens have been gaining traction and seeing increased popularity from game developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The tokens volume has been steadily rising alongside the project’s overall market capitalization, and the currency is being relied on more and more on a daily basis by developers,” a spokesperson from the company told

The MGO coin currently has a market cap of more than USD 35 million, with a daily trading volume of USD 13 million. Most of this is on cryptocurrency exchange BitForex, trading against Tether (USDT) with USD 5.2 million in the past 24 hours, which makes up close to 40% of its trading volume. Those who would prefer to acquire their MGO tokens for Bitcoin (BTC) are taking to exchanges DigiFinex and IDAX, where the coin has a volume of USD 4.2 million and USD 3.1 million respectively.

MGO price chart: