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Milan Fashion Meets Crypto in Fendi-Ledger Collaboration

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Source: Fendi / Instagram


In an unusual merger of cryptoverse high-tech and high-end fashion straight from the streets of Milan, the Italian luxury fashion house Fendi has teamed up with hardware wallet maker Ledger to showcase two tech accessories for the latter company’s flagship Ledger Nano X.

Fendi has unveiled its Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection this past Saturday, and its models were equipped with the two gadgets while showcasing the latest trends in fashion on the runway. 

The first of the gadgets, the Baguette, is released in homage to Fendi’s iconic bag, and is an aluminum miniature bag-shaped case for the Nano X. 

The second product, O’Lock, is a chain shaped like a 3D capsule with a concealed hinge drawer that can host the hardware wallet.

Source: Fendi/Ledger

“Both styles feature optimized wearability, with a rotating snap hook to attach to a bag or belt and an adjustable cord lanyard with double toggles to adjust each case around the neck or as a crossbody accessory,” according to the statement.

In line with the fashion house’s lavish reputation, fantasy variations on the design “include exotic leather inserts, gold plating, and a glittering pavé surface of cubic zirconia.” 

For those interested in giving their hardware wallet an en vogue look, Fendi’s accessories for the Ledger gear will be available for purchase the fashion house’s website starting in June 2022.

However, there are those who are warning that carrying around such a relevant item in such a prominent place is not a smart idea and may ‘invite’ trouble — specifically, that it may leave owners exposed to theft. 

Meanwhile, for the Italian fashion house, best known for its fur and leather goods, the collaboration marks a potentially lucrative leap into the world of crypto-related accessories.

“At the crossroads of cutting-edge virtual technology and the eternal iconography of FENDI style, a debut collection of tech accessories designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi represents an aesthetic first,” Ledger said.


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