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Merit Circle DAO Partners with Immutable for Web3 Gaming and Trading Development

Hongji Feng
Last updated: | 1 min read
Merit Circle Dao
Source: Immutable

Merit Circle DAO and Immutable have announced a strategic partnership to develop the web3 gaming ecosystem, emphasizing blockchain technology and digital asset ownership.

The collaboration involves launching Merit Circle’s gaming subnet, Beam, on Immutable’s zkEVM, a scaling solution powered by Polygon. This move expands Beam’s reach beyond its previous exclusivity to the Avalanche network. The partnership is expected to drive innovation and growth in web3 gaming, offering enhanced experiences for developers and players alike.

“This strategic alliance with Merit Circle DAO and commitment from Beam aligns perfectly with our mission to bring digital ownership to every gamer in the world,” said James Ferguson, Co-founder and CEO of Immutable. “Immutable’s robust ecosystem and cutting-edge technology combined with Merit Circle’s web3 gaming expertise allows us to enrich the gaming experience for millions of players worldwide.”

Merit Circle DAO’s Partnership with Immutable

Merit Circle DAO’s Beam network, an integral part of this partnership, stands as an open-source, multi-chain gaming environment. The integration with Immutable’s zkEVM positions Beam at the forefront of technological innovation in the gaming sector.

“At the Merit Circle DAO, we want Beam – our gaming ecosystem – to be wherever games, players and developers are. This collaboration with Immutable and Polygon Labs represents a huge leap towards that vision,” said Marco van den Heuvel, CGO and co-founder of Merit Circle.

“Our user-friendly applications, combined with Immutable’s zkEVM, powered by Polygon, are going to be a key piece of the gaming jigsaw in the very near future. We simply can’t wait to explore what’s next,” said van den Heuvel.

Immutable Officially Launches zkEVM Testnet

According to the latest announcement, Immutable has just officially launched Immutable zkEVM Testnet. Offering Ethereum compatibility, the testnet’s key features include seamless migration of existing smart contracts and enhanced security, alongside low costs and high scalability.

Immutable zkEVM
Source: Immutable

Some game studios and marketplace partners of Immutable have begun transitioning to Immutable zkEVM, with games including MetalCore, Shardbound, and Infinite Victory, and ecosystem partners like AQUA Marketplace and GameStop.

In the meantime, the company will continue to support Immutable X, the previously available service of “zero gas fees, instant transactions, and streamlined gameplay mechanics.”