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K12Crypto and The Future of Education: How Web3 Can Solve Chronic Absenteeism in America’s Schools

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of Cryptonews.com editorial content.

Since the start of the pandemic, nearly half of public schools have seen an increase in chronic absenteeism (missing 15 days or more of school each year). According to the research group Attendance Works, by Spring of 2022, 16 million U.S. students were considered chronically absent. Absenteeism is more than just missing days. It includes missed opportunities to learn life navigation skills that can shape a child’s future. While no system is perfect, most alternatives offer little to no hope.

When students find limited value in education, they are less likely to spend their time learning, so offering incentives to get them back on track is critical. When kids can interact with their peers in a real-world environment that supports their mental and emotional development, their future outlooks are promising.

"Education can only fulfill its promise as the great equalizer—a force that can overcome differences in privilege and background—when we work to ensure that students are in school every day and receive the support they need to learn and thrive."
US Department of Education

The gamified platform by K12Crypto was designed to incentivize students to not only attend school but to take learning seriously. When students are able to connect the work that they do now with the future that they want to have, they become more receptive to changing behaviors and more engaged in the process. 

K12 Crypto has partnered with Blue Studios to address the growing problem of chronic school absenteeism. They have developed a Learn-to-Earn platform powered by Web3 incentives to track student attendance and engagement. 

The platform enables teachers and administrators to identify at-risk students early and intervene to prevent chronic absenteeism. Students can earn digital rewards such as NFTs, in-game points, web3 scholarships and grants as well as gift cards to their favorite places  through active participation, and upon graduation, transfer their earnings to a digital wallet. 

The pilot program just finished this semester June 1st and the results are amazing. In one school k12 crypto increased student attendance over 10% and increased student engagement on the platform over 50%. The pilot included over 1600 students from the South Bronx New York and Moreno Valley Ca. The platform not only incentivizes attendance and learning but also promotes financial literacy and understanding of Web3 technologies, aiming to shape a brighter future where every individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

By expanding the program to more schools and students, the partnership aims to make a positive impact on the lives of students and their families. Ultimately, the goal is to create a better future by helping students succeed academically and equipping them with financial literacy skills.

The app works by offering students challenges that they can complete to earn rewards, including rewards for attending school for  consecutive days and many others. It is built on blockchain technology, which allows students to earn digital credentials and rewards that will be memorialized on the blockchain to reflect a proof of achievement  and save them to their digital wallets for future use. Students can "cash out" in the form of a gift card for immediate use at participating merchants. For those who allow their rewards to accrue over their academic career, upon high school graduation, they can use the rewards towards college tuition, student loans or other expenses. 

Some of the unique features of the Meta Attendance app include: 

  • Subscription-based pricing for schools and districts
  • Training and coaching for participating schools or students
  • Key insights through specialized reports
  • Content partnerships and grants
  • Schools also benefit from reduced absenteeism and increased funding.
  • Tracks attendance records and rewards students in real-time, making the process seamless and efficient. 

Preparation meets opportunity

When Roman philosopher Seneca said that "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity," perhaps he sensed that centuries later our society would need a reminder.  

"As we grapple with the instant gratification of social media and other outlets that have enraptured a generation, the pedestals of education continue to crumble under the weight of apathy. Not doing anything about it is a rejection of the belief that even the slightest pull can unravel the thread of our culture." Amen Rahh, co-founder of K12 Crypto/Meta Attendance App

Children who are not given the tools to prepare for a vibrant future become unprepared adults who miss opportunities. Without immediate intervention, many communities will lose the battle before understanding the magnitude of the war. 

K12Crypto’s mission is to empower young people to look beyond their current circumstances by placing the power to change their future directly into their hands. The K12 Crypto platform is just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

Aren’t you just paying kids to learn?

The opponents of using money-based incentives to motivate students argue that "paying kids to go to school" sets a bad precedent because it’s not how real life works. To this point, Amen Rahh, co-founder of K12 Crypto says, “This is 100% based on reality. Yes, on the most basic level, it is paying students to learn, but it’s a slow burn. It starts in elementary school and walks with them through their entire educational career through high school. At the end of that time, whether they chose to spend the money or save it to benefit their future, they will have learned a valuable lesson. Isn't that what education is about—learning the skill and then practically applying it to the real world? Every child doesn’t grow up with an allowance or financial literacy. The platform levels the playing field for all students.:

The k12 crypto platform  provides schools with a way to close the gaping hole of absenteeism and widen the opportunities for the next generation. The K12 Crypto team is meeting kids where they are and giving them the tools they need to take control of their future and achieve their goals. 

An educator at heart, Amen Rahh, started his journey toward student empowerment as a principal for the high school he founded, University Pathways Public Service Academy in Compton California. As an education and empowerment activist for youth, he dedicates his heart, time and resources to empowering kids to live their best life. The Meta Attendance app is a part of that vision to help students achieve their goals.To learn more about K12Crypto and the Meta Attendance app, visit their website at https://www.k12crypto.com/.