Immediate Growth Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Software

Prateek Arora
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Immediate Growth Review

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

Immediate Growth claims to be an innovative trading platform that puts the power of crypto trading in your hands. Boasting a slew of features, such as charting tools, news updates, demo mode, and more, Immediate Growth claims that investors can attain immediate growth in the crypto space.

Are these claims accurate? This Immediate Growth review for 2024 will look into each aspect of the website to learn if the platform truly delivers what it promises.

Immediate Growth Review Summary

Before we dive into the information-centric approach that Immediate Growth seemingly has, here are the key points to know about it:

Supported Crypto Cryptocurrencies, forex, derivatives, futures, and others
Accuracy Rate Not specified
Available on Mobile No mention of an app
Fees Not mentioned
Customer Support Claims to be available 24/7
Withdrawal Speed Not specified
Minimum Deposit Not mentioned

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

What is Immediate Growth?

The current state of the crypto market is in disarray. Granted that Bitcoin’s surge to above $38k has inspired a lot of confidence, things can take a downturn if negative sentiments persist. That uncertainly makes staying informed crucial, which is one facility that Immediate Growth claims to provide.

From the looks of its website, Immediate Growth has similar traits to other platforms we have covered before. It also talks a lot about making investors available with charting tools, news updates, market analysis tools, and more to help them trade cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

However, the Immediate Growth website claims that in addition to cryptocurrencies, it also supports other asset classes, including forex, derivatives, futures, and more. The official website also mentions stock trading and commodities trading. However, no mention is there of the types of stocks available on the platform.

These features are supposedly supported by a user-friendly interface that allows traders to buy and sell assets quickly whenever they want. With no hands-free features mentioned, Immediate Growth is not an automated trading platform.

Getting access to the trading platform itself requires a minimum deposit; information about it is absent. The same lack of information is also found when it comes to the site’s makers and fee details.

This platform gives off a simplistic vibe. It doesn’t show that it does anything out of the norm, such as providing a crypto trading bot. Nevertheless, the lack of information is still noteworthy. Invest carefully and exercise caution when using this platform.

Immediate Growth Pros and Cons

As we attempted to ascertain the pros and cons of Immediate Growth given the website’s limited information, only the following points were found:


  • Offers a simple sign-up process
  • Claims to provide a simplified UI
  • Offers technical analysis and charting tools
  • Regular updates about cryptocurrencies are available
  • Features charting facilities


  • No details available about the founders
  • Fee details absent
  • Not many noteworthy features are available to make Immediate Growth stand out

How Does Immediate Growth Work?

Immediate Growth portrays itself as a simplified trading platform but uses marketing terms to highlight its features. It boasts a simple array of features, such as technical analysis charting tools and price monitoring.

Investors may start trading once they make a minimum deposit. They can apparently interact with the platform’s trading features, making the minimum deposit.

The facilities available on this platform supposedly include trading multiple types of assets. If that’s the case, we estimate a simple trading tool is available that lets investors pick the asset to buy or sell. However, we also think that spot trading facilities might also be available on Immediate growth, considering that futures and derivates trading are also mentioned on the website.

It means that much like a conventional cryptocurrency exchange, Immediate Growth may provide a window where investors can analyze an asset’s market movement before trading.

Many of these points are mere speculations till now. We recommend talking to the customer support team to get the whole picture, as an account manager may be available to execute trades on an investor’s behalf.

Immediate Growth – Top Features

Immediate Growth Features

Immediate Growth doesn’t exposit a lot of features on its official website. Here are a few that we could discern after reading the platform’s marketing copy:

Simplified Sign-Up

Immediate Growth’s registration module is simple. With only a few details required, investors can create an account in no time. Also, the signup button is accessible across all devices, making it easier for even mobile traders to create their accounts on the platform.

Support for Multiple Asset classes

Immediate Growth claims that it supports multiple classes of assets, with cryptocurrencies being one of them. Other assets that it supposedly supports include stocks, Forex, derivatives, futures, commodities, and more.

Perpetual Access

Immediate Growth states that it is available through the day, all the days, which may let investors trade assets anytime they want. The platform also claims that investors can access the platform using multiple devices, including a desktop, smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Innovative Interface

Per the website, users will have access to a simplistic platform with functional facilities. “It doesn’t confuse the user but rather aims to put important tools and resources in the right place”, Immediate Growth claims.

Security Features

“Immediate Growth leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of security and aims to build trust with its users through transparency and liability”, the website writes. Even though the names of the security features aren’t mentioned, some third-party reviews say that encryptions and 2FA are available.

Demo Trading Account

A demo trading account lets users test a website before committing funds. Immediate Growth apparently has this facility. However, getting access to it requires depositing the minimum required amount, information about which is absent from the website.

Advanced Charting Tools

Per the website, users will get access to multiple advanced charting tools, including candlesticks, lines, bars, and charts. Technical indicators will also be made available, apparently, which can help all types of traders buy and sell assets in an informed manner.

Regular Updates

Immediate Growth claims that investors will get access to regular updates that could influence the price of crypto and other assets that it supports. Per the website, investors will get real news about the assets from legitimate sources, to help improve the trading experience.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection

Immediate Growth – Fees

The platform does not say anything about the fee details. All of it states that the features available are accessible to everyone. But that doesn’t mean that there are no associated fees. A call to the customer support team can help one get these details.

Immediate Growth – Minimum Deposit Requirement

There is a minimum deposit requirement to start trading on Immediate Growth. The details of that, however, are not available on the website. It is likely that investors will get that information once they start the sign-up process, part of which is to talk to an account manager.

Is Immediate Growth a Scam?

With its portrayals of simplistic trading tools, it doesn’t look like Immediate Growth makes any large claims. All of its features, ranging from multi-asset support to news updates, are standard. Most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges active currently deliver it.

However, the issue lies with the lack of information on the website. There is no way to confirm whether these features – as simple as they are – are even available on the platform. The demo trading account that it talks about is also locked behind the minimum deposit requirement, which makes testing the platform difficult.

Another issue lies with the similarities this site has with other info-centric platforms we have covered before. Some of the content is similar. The lack of third-party reviews is also a cause of concern.

Does this mean Immediate Growth is a scam? We cannot say for certain. Granted, there are several points that can be considered red flags, but there is not enough information about it to mark it as an illegitimate trading platform. At worst, we can say that information on this site is scarce because of the platform’s age – it is new.

Immediate Growth Customer Support

There are two ways to reach out to the customer support team on Immediate Growth. The first way is meant for unregistered users. This is only accessible through the Contact Us page. The other option is for registered users, which supposedly consists of reaching the team via live chat, email, or even phone.

How to use Immediate Growth?

Follow the steps below to start trading on Immediate Growth:

Step 1 – Create an Account on Immediate Growth

Visit the official Immediate Growth website and start entering the details necessary to create an account. An account manager will reach out to help you complete the registration.

Create an Account on Immediate Growth

Step 2 – Deposit the Minimum Amount

The same account manager will likely provide you with a link to deposit the minimum required amount. Do so using the available options.

Step 3 – Start Trading on Immediate Growth

Head to the demo trading account first to learn the nuances of the platform. Switch to live trading only after finding that the platform offers the tools it advertises.

How to Delete an Immediate Growth Account?

Immediate Growth tells nothing about how can one delete their accounts. We recommend talking to the customer support team for answers. Alternatively, find out if there is a “terminate account” option available on the website.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Immediate Growth?

There are no celebrities online that have even discussed Immediate Growth. This may have to do with the fact that it is a new website and is still not touched by many third-party review sites.

Who is the Founder of Immediate Growth?

No details are available about the founders of Immediate Growth. The site doesn’t offer anything of import on its About Us page, and social media platforms also provide no details.

Anonymity is not new in the crypto space. However, Immediate Growth supposedly supports all asset classes, which makes the lack of founder details a red flag.

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The Verdict

Most of the aspects that Immediate Growth has look simple. There are no mention of any large claims, or any hands-free trading features that require further scrutiny. The issue, however, is the lack of information.

Immediate Growth is a recently released platform with only a couple of third-party reviews online. And even those reviews don’t have a balanced viewpoint of what it can and cannot do. There are no details about the platform’s fees, which can potentially hint at the presence of hidden charges. No one knows who has made this website either, which is another cause for concern. We recommend exercising caution when using this website.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection


What is Immediate Growth?

The Immediate Growth website describes itself as an innovative platform that puts the power in the hands of traders. It reportedly has charting tools, analytical features, and other attributes that make it stand out from the rest. However, no proof exists to attest to these claims.

Has Elon Musk endorsed Immediate Growth?

Immediate Growth does not provide any information of, nor does it claim to be endorsed by Elon Musk. Also, Elon Musk himself has given no indication of ever endorsing any crypto trading platform, let alone one that has just stepped foot in the crypto arena.