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Immediate Chenix Review – Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Platform

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 10 min read

Immediate Chenix ReviewDisclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

Multiple AI-driven tools exist on the crypto market, all promising ample profits while requiring minimal effort. Immediate Chenix claims to offer the same, asserting that it can help investors climb the trading ladder rapidly through its suite of artificial intelligence tools, which cover both automated and manual trading facilities.

Are these claims true? This Immediate Chenix review explores the features of this platform to give you a comprehensive answer to this query.

Immediate Chenix Overview

Supported Crypto Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, mutual funds, forex, and other investing assets
Accuracy Rate No mention of a win rate
Available on Mobile No mention of a mobile application
Fees Depends on the chosen assets
Customer Support Available 24/7
Withdrawal Speed No mention of the withdrawal speed
Minimum Deposit $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Chenix?

The crypto market’s volatility has people gravitating towards AI-driven solutions. Packaged with an AI trading bot, these solutions make trading effortless by scanning the market, establishing patterns, and executing trades on their own without any input from the users.

Immediate Chenix spins its services the same way but claims to use them to trade other assets in addition to crypto. Promising to provide a diversified investment experience, it also offers trading opportunities for CFDs, forex, stocks, and other investment assets suitable for traditional investors.

The cost of using these services will depend on the asset of choice, per the website, and users can have the option to switch between manual and autonomous trading facilities. With manual trading, however, there is an element of assisted trading due to the presence of crypto signals, which Immediate Chenix says are highly accurate.

According to the website, getting started is free, but account activation requires a minimum deposit. This deposit is the traditional $250 that can be made using PayPal, wire transfer, or debit cards.

Most of the platform’s perks are similar to those of other platforms we have covered before. Also similar to other platforms is the lack of substantial evidence to back its claims. Customer testimonials don’t exist for this website. Although that may have to do with the site’s age, we still recommend investors stay cautious when using this platform.

Immediate Chenix – Pros and Cons

As we went through the website’s content, we encountered the following pros and cons:


  • Simple sign-up process that doesn’t take much time
  • Diversification of investments is encouraged through the presence of multiple asset classes
  • Automated and manual trading modes supported
  • The platform claims to provide robust customer support
  • Multiple tools are available for traders to develop strategies


  • Lack of evidence backing the claims the platform makes
  • The anonymity of founders is concerning
  • The platform doesn’t dive deep into the features that it offers
  • No information is available about the fee structure
  • Requires a $250 minimum deposit for account activation

How Does Immediate Chenix Work?

Immediate Chenix, also known as Immediate Chenix 9000, reportedly works in the same way as other crypto trading platforms we have reviewed.

There is an automated trading mode and a manual trading mode.

Automated Trading

Automated trading mode facilitates autonomous trading, allowing users to make adjustments to the AI crypto trading bot and let the system take control from there. Per the website, the bot scans over 100 different markets to find the best trading opportunities. Upon finding a suitable one, it executes the trades, transferring the profits to the investor’s accounts. Where the amount transferred will deduct a commission isn’t highlighted on the website.

Manual Trading

Some reviews suggest that the manual trading mode offers generic trading facilities. However, the platform doesn’t highlight whether a simple module for buying and selling crypto assets is available or whether the website also offers spot or margin trading facilities. It does say, however, that this mode of trading comes with crypto signals generated by algorithms. According to the claims, users can act on these signals on their own time.

These versatile trading opportunities are reportedly supported by a robust security protocol that includes SSL encryption. Some AI-driven verification features are also discussed, but KYC verification doesn’t look like one of the core options.

This is our guess of how the site might work. Other features might be available that are not highlighted by the platform.

Immediate Chenix – Top Features

The official Immediate Chenix website hasn’t explicitly listed any features. However, we did extract some information about the perks that it claims to provide.

Hybrid Trading Interface

Investors have a choice of how they want to trade. Even though automated trading is a default option, per the website, users can switch to the manual trading mode easily with just a touch of a button. However, we can’t confirm this claim since the site doesn’t have any independent testing facility.

Association with Leading Trading Firms

The platform claims that users can contact multiple trading firms for their trading needs. This hints at the site’s role as a bridge between traders and investment firms. However, the site hasn’t revealed the names and quality of these trading firms, creating uncertainty about the platform’s effectiveness.

Support for Multiple Assets

Immediate Chenix, also known as Immediate Chenix x9, claims that investors can diversify their investments as they are not restricted to only one asset class. CFDs, commodities, and stocks are also supported. However, the website doesn’t give us the names of the assets under these asset classes.

Round the Clock Customer Support

According to the website, users will always have access to a robust customer support team. This support team can reportedly assist traders in understanding how the platform works and help them through the trading process. However, even though the site claims that the team is reachable through live chat and email, the only mode we had access to was the contact form.

AI-Enabled Trading

Both automated and manual trading modes support AI-driven algorithms, per the website. Immediate Chenix asserts that algorithms help find patterns and execute traders during autonomous trading sessions. During manual trading, however, the same tools are used to generate alerts for users. The accuracy of these trading signals is not provided on the official website.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Immediate Chenix Fees

While Immediate Chenix has not given us an actual fee structure, it has stated that it is affordable and transparent. However, it also states that the fee charged will depend on the assets traded. That could mean that different asset classes, or even different assets, have different fees involved. Whether the fee is going to be charged per trade or only when the platform generates profits is not known.

Immediate Chenix Minimum Deposit

To activate the account and start trading, Immediate Chenix has made it mandatory to make a $250 deposit, which can be done through PayPal, wire transfer, or debit/credit cards. This deposit will reportedly work as the initial capital that the platform will use to buy and sell assets. Whether the same amount has to be deposited each time or whether the account must have at least $250 in it to stay active is not known.

Is Immediate Chenix Legit?

Immediate Chenix offers a good-looking website while making lofty claims of providing users with multiple trading modules that use artificial intelligence. The website’s content has a marketing-focused tone, and the platform has also issued a disclaimer stating that it merely acts as a conduit between traders and trading firms.

However, none of the features that it claims to provide can be verified. In our research, we couldn’t find any way to independently test the website without depositing any amount. Therefore, we used third-party reviews and customer testimonials as our parameters to judge the legitimacy of this website.

While there are many third-party reviews of the platform, they are all dubiously consistent, even using the same terminology sometimes. Furthermore, some reviews have discussed features that we didn’t come across when reading the platform’s content. That may have to do with the fact that “Immediate Chenix” is a marketing term, which the website itself is transparent about.

However, we have issues with the website’s transparency about certain details while hiding core information about the platform. For instance, there is no information on the website that could tell us anything about the team running Immediate Chenix. At best, we found that this team consists of members from the AI development and financial investment arena, which is vague information.

Conversely, the site’s interactivity makes it a suitable platform for trading. We also appreciate that it doesn’t make any outlandish claims about a near-perfect win rate.

Overall, Immediate Chenix has given us mixed reactions. It is transparent about many things but opaque about critical issues. No online reviews that have portrayed it have given us a balanced view of this platform, and customer testimonials are absent. Therefore, we recommend investing conservatively when using this website.

How to Use Immediate Chenix?

If you’re interested in the features provided by Immediate Chenix, follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1 – Create an Account

Visit the official Immediate Chenix website and fill out the registration form with your email, name, and phone number to register your account. An account verification process will take place, which the platform doesn’t tell much about. However, we believe that a standard email verification may be viable for this.

Visit Immediate Chinex

Step 2 – Activate the Account

Deposit $250 using the methods available on the website to activate your account. It is then that you may get access to the features that Immediate Chenix claims to offer.

Step 3 – Start Trading on Immediate Chenix

If depositing the amount activates your account, commence trading. We recommend talking to the customer support team to learn about the platform’s intricacies before getting started. As multiple trading firms are involved, it would be a better idea to talk to them as well to hash out fee-related details.

Invest sparsely when you’re starting and only increase the deposits if the platform shows promising results.

How to Delete an Immediate Chenix Account?

The Immediate Chenix website doesn’t highlight the account deletion process. A talk with the customer support team might be necessary. Alternatively, investors can explore their dashboard and see if an account termination button is available.

Have Any Celebrities Endorsed Immediate Chenix?

Immediate Chenix doesn’t mention having any celebrity backing. This may be because the site was only recently released. However, we don’t recommend counting on celebrity support for this platform yet, as there are many transparency-related issues that need to be addressed first.

Who is the Founder of Immediate Chenix?

Immediate Chenix doesn’t give us any details about its founders. The only information we could find about them is that they might be a team of financial experts and AI developers. The site has highlighted no further details, nor has it bothered to provide us with any social media handles to check out. By all accounts, the makers of this platform are anonymous.

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  2. Crypto options traders still anticipate that BTC will reach $100k soon.

The Verdict

Immediate Chenix has made many claims that couldn’t be verified by customer reviews. Therefore, even though most of its claims aren’t very lofty, it is important to have a critical eye when interacting with this website.

The markets are very volatile, which is why a high degree of care is necessary when investing. Make sure to only invest according to your risk tolerance.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


What is Immediate Chenix?

Immediate Chenix is a crypto trading platform that reportedly offers a hybrid trading module for veterans and novice traders. The manual and automated trading modes are said to be AI-enabled, making investment decisions easier for all participants.

Has Elon Musk Endorsed Immediate Chenix?

Elon Musk has said nothing about Immediate Chenix in any of its recent tweets. He has also not shown any interest in crypto trading lately. Investors must, therefore, be aware of the opportunists trying to use Elon’s name to organize phishing scams dressed as giveaways.