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This Green Crypto Has Just Added Microsoft and GameStop to its Affiliate Network

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IMPT is a brand new green crypto focused on revolutionising the space of carbon credits. 

Over the last few weeks the team at IMPT have been working diligently to add more brands to their affiliate network, and has recently onboarded Microsoft and GameStop.

Incentivising “responsible shopping” 

Unlike traditional carbon credits, whose infrastructure if antiquated, overly bureaucratic, and applies only to companies, IMPT is a project that hopes to be extremely efficient and transparent. 

By rewarding consumers for shopping with companies that have high ESG scores, IMPT incentivises companies to score more highly on ESG metrics (as they will be able to attract customers more easily) and individuals to spend with the aforementioned companies. 

Once one has spent with these companies and earned IMPT as cashback rewards, the IMPT can either be traded or redeemed for an NFT that showcases one’s green credentials. 

The process of redemption involves burning the IMPT, which makes the token scarcer and therefore ought to make it more expensive. 

The ESG industry continues to grow 

Over the past few years the growing politicisation of investing has meant that capital allocators are under more pressure than ever to “invest responsibly”.

This means that large firms are not allowed to invest in companies that are deemed to engage in nefarious practices – particularly firms that damage the environment.

By 2030, Broadridge Financial Solutions predicts that the ESG market will have grown to eclipse $30 trillion in value, with $50 billion of that being focused on carbon credits.

The goal of IMPT is to capitalise on the nexus of crypto and green investing in order to grow as a project

The IMPT presale has now raised $8.5m

The IMPT presale has now successfully raised $8.5m to further their aims of reducing carbon emissions. 

Investors can choose to become a part of the project by participating in the presale on the IMPT website, where the presale is currently underway.

The presale is being conducted such that those who buy in at the earliest stages are entitled to significant discounts when compared with those who buy in at later stages – for the best rates before listing, speculators may wish to acquire their tokens as soon as possible.