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Fujitsu Promises to Deliver Viable Blockchain Project Within 5 days

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IT giant Fujitsu is launching a new consultancy service that will double as a blockchain product package, delivering a viable blockchain project to customers within five days. Prices for the service start at EUR 9,900, and include everything blockchain lessons to building a prototype within the time frame, according to The Register.

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When they receive their prototype, clients can decide whether they want to pay more Fujitsu to develop the service further, or if they want to keep it as is. Chris Pilling, lead architect at Fujitsu’s Blockchain Innovation Centre, says, “It would be great to say, yes, we’ve met the proof of business and they want to get the global blockchain team involved… [but] we allow the customer to go away and play with the prototype.”

“Proof of business” is set to be almost the opposite of proof of concept. Clients can run through a business process that focuses on creating business value and avoids common problems with blockchain projects, according to Frederik de Breuck, head of the Blockchain Innovation Centre. Customers will, however, be asked to sign up to a license that dictates what they can and can’t do with the prototype, which means it will likely be kept in the house.

According to Banking Tech, the company already holds close to 50 different patents on blockchain technology. Fujitsu is also currently helping to commercialize the Hyperledger’s (an umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools) Fabric product, the development of which should be completed later this year. This means that Fujitsu’s influence on the blockchain space should not be underestimated. Who knows, you may be able to buy your blockchain prototype like you’d buy a fridge or hairdryer. Almost.