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Forbes’ New Fintech 50 List Includes Blockchain and Crypto Companies

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February saw the release of Forbes’ third edition of Fintech 50, a list of the top 50 financial technology companies globally for 2018, which includes eleven companies who have listed either use of blockchain technology or are in some way connected to cryptocurrency.

All blockchain related companies on the Fintech 50 list:

– The Bitfury Group
– Blockchain
– Chain
– Chainalysis
– Coinbase
– Ripple
– Robinhood
– Shapeshift
– Symbiont
– Veem
– Xapo

Source: Forbes

All eleven of these companies, while relatively new, have moved on from startups to active companies in terms of size and activity – they have, simply put, “made it”. None of them are early stage in any form. This, in all probability, is due to the sheer competitiveness of the list.

The founders of three of the companies that made the list – The Bitfury Group, a full service Blockchain technology company, Coinbase, an exchange, and Ripple, a real-time gross settlement system – also made the Forbes’ list of the “Richest People in Cryptocurrency” last week.

In terms of funding, none of these eleven companies fall below the seven-figure bar. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Coinbase boasts the largest funding of around USD 217 million, whereas the lowest would be Chainalysis with their seemingly paltry USD 1.6 million.

A separate article was also published, named Forbes Fintech 50 2018: The Future Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency[/URL], that breaks down the influence of Blockchain and crypto companies of the list. This list notably features only nine of the companies, excluding Veem and Robinhood – which, while associated with crypto, do not make it their primary focus. Five of the nine are first-timers on the list.