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# Ripple

The Ripple project is all about easier cross-border payment, fast transactions and low fees. It is focused on powering transactions on a new globalized payment system which should remove banks and other intermediaries from the equation and make international payments hassle-free. The platform itself was designed back in 2012, as a brainchild of Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb who designed it with the goal to revolutionize global infrastructure used for digital transactions, settlements and exchange involving finances and other assets. Thus, the coin’s primary task is to make sure that these operations are executed without hitch, with an added bonus in form of higher speeds and lower fees. This was what pitted Ripple against the likes of SWIFT whose executives believe that there is a speed arms race going on. Ripple is also known for its philanthropic work to which it dedicated two funds: Rippleworks and Ripple for Good. Rippleworks is focused more on funding entrepreneurs and startups, while Ripple for Good promotes financial inclusion.