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Etherscan Launches Messaging Platform on Ethereum: Blockscan Chat

Ruholamin Haqshanas
Last updated: | 1 min read
Source: Blockscan Chat


The creators of Etherscan, a popular block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum (ETH), have unveiled the launch of the Beta version of an Ethereum-based “wallet-to-wallet” instant messaging service called Blockscan Chat.

“Blockscan Chat is a messaging platform for users to simply and instantly message each other, wallet-to-wallet,” the team said about the new service on its website.

The service is easily accessible to everyone with an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask. Once a user connects their Etheruem wallet to the Blockscan Chat, they can start messaging other addresses and would get notified on the block explorer when their address receives a message.

Some crypto users seem to be excited about the service, referring to the tool as “Ethereum Instant Messenger.”

However, others have pointed out that it could be a useful tool for spammers. “I like this idea. Although I have a feeling it will be very spammy for awhile,” one Reddit user said.

Nevertheless, the service has a blocking feature that allows users to block potential spam.

The Blockscan Chat team further warned:

“Never share your confidential information, passwords, private keys or seed phrases with ANYONE! Be extra careful when receiving any external links or online forms. Always keep an eye out for malicious parties in the Dark Forest.”

Meanwhile, some argued that a potential downside to the product is that it lacks the benefits of decentralization. “Wallet pub key only used to sign in and check messages. Otherwise looks like messages are stored in some central system on blockscan,” one user said.


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