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Denys Ustymenko – Financial Technology Entrepreneur Starts 1TN Crypto Project

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Denys Ustymenko, former Pokermatch CFO and co-founder, has recently announced a development of a new solution which will allow for the successful utilization of the project’s services for a wide variety of business types through a simple and seamless integration. Denys has gained considerable traction over the years for his work and  with extensive knowledge and experience in the IT and fintech industries will be providing his expertise to 1TN.

2022 witnessed many events which adversely affected the crypto market, including the Terra (LUNA) crash, the issues with Three Arrows Capital (3AC), and most recently the FTX controversy. However, there is still plenty of retail and institutional interest in the space and the underlying technology behind crypto, blockchain.

So, while it will always be difficult to ascertain which direction the crypto industry will go with pinpoint accuracy, it is nevertheless a fair assumption to make that this burgeoning sector is here to stay and will only witness a steadily increasing amount of interest and investment over time

How Denys unique experience brought him to fintech?

Prior to starting his own projects, Denys established himself as a commercial heavyweight after he, together with partners, founded Pokermatch. Pokermatch was formed in 2016 and became one of the leading online poker rooms which operates in major jurisdictions around the world.

His responsibilities as a CFO and partner included marketing, business development, account management, partnership development, and performance optimization. Denys was also in charge of the financial and legal structures of the firm. Finally, Denys was important in the 2021 sale of Pokermatch to Parimatch Holding.

Denys has a thorough grasp of how European firms are developed and is eager to use his experience and expertise to the development of 1TN. Denys’ experience with Pokermatch taught him a lot, particularly about how to establish and expand a business.

Why is 1TN important for the industry?

1TN is a global IT crypto processing project that is actively building a one-of-a-kind solution for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 1TN’s license, which is based in Portugal, will be subject to final confirmation by the National Bank of Portugal before it may be utilized internationally. Furthermore, 1TN will be the safest and most trustworthy  platform thanks to its revolutionary security solutions. As a result, the landscape of the crypto-payment world may be broadened, making cross-border transactions faster, safer, and more convenient.

1TN’s services may be utilized directly in e-commerce or as a white-label solution to clients via a simple integration. The most typical company kinds seen here are retail, service marketplace, travel and hospitality, airlines and business aviation, professional services (including education platforms), and advertising.

What do Denys and 1TN hope to accomplish in this space?

Denys Ustymenko has taken a hands-on approach to 1TN, which is best described as a stable and secure crypto payment gateway. Needless to say, the crypto business has seen many ups and downs, and while the current bear market is still underway, Denys understands how to overcome these challenges thanks to his client-side expertise.

The major goal is to help companies overcome the constraints of banking and payment services by providing a trustworthy bitcoin payment provider. Denys, for one, is working hard to increase the availability of easy and speedy money transfers in order to assist e-commerce thrive.

What plans for future growth?

1TN’s security is validated by partnerships with IT behemoths such as Fireblocks, Chainanalisys, and Finerymarkets. Denys has assembled a capable team of experts with extensive experience in the crypto and fintech industries. As such, they will be working on platform enhancements as well as innovations. Furthermore, three offices have already opened in Europe: Portugal, Latvia, and Bulgaria, with more planned in the future.

Long-term plans also include launching a cryptocurrency payment gateway and scaling it to assist businesses in growing. After obtaining the aforementioned license, the team intends to open the opportunity to create an account and is prepared to help businesses grow by providing simple ways to store, accept, or transfer digital assets such as  1TN’s multi-currency crypto wallet. Finally, Portugal, Germany, France, Spain, and Denmark will be added to the list of future market expansions as well.

For more information and regular updates visit Denys’ LinkedIn profile.