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Dash 2 Trade Presale Blasts Past $5.5 Million Raised – Price Rise Incoming?

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D2T, the native token for the Dash 2 Trade platform, has soared through another milestone as it continues to impress investors with its presale.

New Stage Unlocked 

Earlier today, the Dash 2 Trade platform developers confirmed that they had sold out the second D2T token presale stage. This means that the digital asset has now raised an impressive $5.5 million via the presale. 

The presale for the digital asset began a few weeks ago, and given that the market is still looking to stabilize, it is understandable that many investors could have had their doubts. However, the demand from investors for D2T has only increased, contributing to the digital asset’s remarkable presale results so far.

With the second stage set, D2T will be moving to the third presale stage, where a single token unit will sell for $0.0513 – an increase from the stage 2 price of $0.05. It won’t come as much of a surprise to see the digital asset scale through the third stage in record time, given how quickly it has sold tokens so far.

Investors of D2T have a lot to watch out for. The Dash 2 Trade platform is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023, giving investors a much easier route as they chart their course in the crypto market. 

D2T has confirmed that it will list on several exchanges when the platform launches. The digital asset is already set for a listing on LBank, and we expect to see more exchanges join in due time.

Dash 2 Trade Makes Crypto Trading Easier 

D2T is the native token for Dash 2 trade – an innovative trading platform that makes it easier for investors and traders in the crypto space to make money. 

Dash 2 Trade was built by one of the foremost crypto learning and development platforms, Learn 2 Trade, with a network of over 70,000 members. Its primary objective is to provide high-quality insights and information to traders in the crypto space, allowing them to refine their trading information and positions.

With Dash 2 Trade, investors will be treated to a broad range of impressive features – including, but not limited to, backtesting, social trading, and on-chain analysis. They will also get notifications about new coins being listed on exchanges and a full-service trading application program interface (API). 

Dash 2 Trade is looking to become the “Blomberg terminal for crypto,” and with D2T, users can pay for the platform’s services and unique offerings. Users can also choose between the Starter and Premium tiers, which cost 400 D2T and 1,000 D2T monthly. 

For now, Dash 2 Trade is banking on a surge of new investors coming into the market. With institutional inflows increasing and crypto adoption increasing, there is a significant chance that the market will be set for a massive influx of investors. All of these new names will be looking for a platform that offers high-quality insights into the market, and Dash 2 Trade is hoping to do that. 

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