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Newly Launched WienerAI Brings 10x Meme Coin Sensation Potential to Investors – Here’s Why

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

WienerAI Presale

Marrying two of the most trending concepts in the crypto space – AI and Meme, the brand new WienerAI crypto has garnered attention not only among the memecoin community but also among those interested in AI cryptos.

While the project may not reflect the ethos that a conventional and utility-based AI crypto may showcase, the concept itself is interesting enough for an investor to consider participating in.

Part Dog, Part AI, Part Sausage; But a 100% Bullish

The emergence of memecoins that feature exciting lore surrounding their creation is often embraced by the wider investing citizenry. This is probably why the WienerAI project has been gaining this level of traction as well. 

Part Dog, Part AI, Part Sausage; But a 100% Bullish

WienerAI’s theme is set in the future in the year 2132, where in the New Silicon Valley, a mad scientist is working on creating a highly advanced cybernetic canine AI. This mad scientist, also known as The Architect, aims to destroy the divide between AI and Pup, two integral components of the crypto-verse. 

However, an accident where the scientist drops sausage DNA while splicing the synthetic DNA for his creation makes his masterpiece somehow different, yet astounding.

This hilarious concept seems to have attracted the masses, with social media posts trending with posts and stories of the project. While being just a memecoin, WeinerAI also manages to create conversations about AI and human coexistence in the future, which sets it apart as an initiative bound to gain more popularity as the days pass. 

The developers haven’t come up with many utility-based elements for the project yet, so this too may be a possibility in the future. But with or without that, the “weenie” seems to be aiming to make it to the top of the charts soon.

High Staking Rewards, Audited Contract and a Potential 10x Gem

At the time of writing, WienerAI has already raised more than $450k, with a much stronger wave of investors expected to flock in to purchase the tokens being speculated by the community. 

The project has already been covered by some of the top crypto-publication websites and is being marketed aggressively via social media platforms to appeal to the wider memecoin community. 

Given the increasing hype around projects like WienerAI, the chance for its native token WAI to finish its presale at a much earlier than anticipated date is very likely. Investors expect the project to pump significantly upon launch, 10x or even 100x in value, given the increasing number of active memecoin enthusiasts in the space right now.

High Staking Rewards, Audited Contract and a Potential 10x Gem

WienerAI also comes with the gift of passive income, which it claims is its way of strengthening its “weiner army”. Currently, more than 355 million tokens have been staked, and the reward rate is at an exceptionally high and attractive 2900%. Naturally, this number is set to decrease as the presale progresses, which means that early buyers will be likely to receive a high APY rate, further increasing their potential gains.

While the creators of WienerAI have not revealed themselves, the “universe’s most powerful cybernetic being” has managed to pass its contract code audit. Conducted by Coinsult, the audit further ensures the safety of investing in the project, given the rising number of rug pulls rampant, especially in the memecoin front.

Now May be the Best Time to Buy

Getting in early is always the key point to consider if one is looking to invest in memecoins promising high potential for growth. As a project within the doge ecosystem, which has previously shown the most likelihood of seeing 100x pumps, acquiring WAI tokens in the presale itself could be a winning move for the investors. 

This could also prove extra profitable, as the token holders can profit at the end of the presale even without the token being launched since each presale phase would mean a systematic price increase for the token. 

There is also the high staking APY, which could result in further gains, making WAI an unmissable investment to consider right now.

You can stay in touch with the community, and keep up with all developments within the project by following the project’s social media channels:


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.