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Controversial Big Eyes Coin Launches on Uniswap – $BIG Price Prediction

James Spillane
Last updated: | 3 min read

The long-delayed Big Eyes crypto launch, which began its cat-themed meme coin presale in August 2022, has announced it will go live on Uniswap on June 15th at 4pm UTC+1.

Update – $BIG was listed late at 11pm UTC+1, and at a lower listing price than expected – $0.000074 instead of $0.0006. Some investors also reported issues with claiming their tokens on the Big Eyes website. 

$BIG price chart via DEXTools

Beware of fake tokens, some copycats have been listed with a 90% sell tax or no liquidity.

Update II – Big Eyes token crashed 99% from its stated listing price. Read our follow up post here.

Big Eyes Launch Restrictions

Holders are required to purchase a $100 ticket to be able to claim and sell their $BIG tokens on Uniswap at the listing time, if they wish to do so. Without buying that early access ticket, presale buyers can’t claim their $BIG tokens until 10pm UTC+1.

That led some investors to complain on Twitter that at that point the $BIG price may be below its listing price – many new token ICOs are volatile and experience a ‘pump and dump’ chart pattern. Traders often want to sell on the initial price spike to buy back lower, and take partial profit on their position.

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Big Eyes Bonuses

The Big Eyes crypto project also faced criticism in the run-up to its launch for allowing late-stage investors to receive bonuses of several hundred percent on their buys.

The Big Eyes presale had fifteen stages, with the token price varying from $0.0001 to the listing price of $0.0006 – a 600% increase, or gains of 500%.

Early investors that locked up their funds for almost a year to benefit from a discount, would have been able to receive the same ROI by entering the presale in recent weeks as a 500% bonus was offered, equivalent to buying at stage one.

Big Eyes Coin Poloniex Listing

Big Eyes token’s first centralized exchange (CEX) listing is scheduled for June 16 on Poloniex, a day after Uniswap.

Deposits open at 14:00 UTC and trading starts at 15:00 UTC on Friday, according to the Poloniex website.

Big Eyes also announced their listing will be supported by their own upcoming DEX platform Big Eyes Swap, and the OKX wallet.

Big Eyes Price Prediction

Another criticism some traders have made is that the Big Eyes live market cap at launch will be approximately $96 million, and fully diluted market cap $120 million based on its 200 billion total supply. 

That’s high for a new meme coin – a valuation which would place it 7th on CoinMarketCap’s ranking of meme coins behind Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, Baby Doge Coin, FLOKI and Bone ShibaSwap.

The Big Eyes presale set a hard cap of $51 million, which it fell short of hitting, but came close to – many holders may want to take profit immediately given the large difference between the price stages, the length of the presale, and current negative sentiment surrounding the project and the crypto markets.

Some analysts have advised taking profit early if already invested in the Big Eyes presale, and to prepare for it to retest the demand at its earlier price levels. 

Carl Talks Crypto, Crypto Ahoy and Jacob Bury are three influencers that have been critical of the project.

Big Eyes Token Alternatives

See our reviews of the best low market cap coins to invest in. In the meme coins category, an option that will launch with both a lower live market cap and fully diluted valuation (FDV) is:

Wall Street Memes (WSM)

The Wall Street Memes presale is currently ongoing, with $7 million raised and a hard cap of just over $30.5 million. Inspired by the meme stocks movement, 100% of its 2 billion supply is made available to its holders, including 30% as community rewards.

By not having any team tokens, it aims to avoid price dumps similar to projects like $WSB. Wall Street Memes also has an existing community outside of Reddit, with NFT projects on OpenSea and Magic Eden. Visit to learn more.

In total we’ve listed fourteen meme coins on our best meme coins page, including more upcoming presales – with reviews of Chimpzee, Doge Rush, Mooky, Pikamoon, Hollywood X Pepe and more.


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