ChainWars Looks To Become A GameFi Project To Watch In 2022

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It is no secret that GameFi projects are becoming increasingly commonplace these days thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. The introduction of NFTs and the metaverse only increased the desire for individuals from around the world to participate in these GameFi initiatives, and one such project is that of ChainWars.

Basic details

The game is a DCCG (Digital Collectible Card Game). ChainWars’ designers build the cards, which are then made compatible thanks to the game and blockchain developers. Also, these cards differ according to species, type, and rarity.

To that end, ‘Tiers’ and ‘Forms’ are the two main groups of rarity, and the drop rates from Loot Boxes will vary accordingly. Tiers are merely the strength gradations that are allocated to the cards, and are known as ‘Common’, ‘Rare’, ‘Epic’ and ‘Legendary’. Forms are primarily aesthetic in nature, although they can grant certain stat bonuses. These forms include ‘Common’, ‘Gold’, ‘Diamond’, and ‘Rainbow’.

How to play?

The core purpose of ChainWars is to collect and pick a powerful, diversified deck of cards that will allow users to compete with the greatest players in the game. Players can use their strategic decisions before entering a game by carefully selecting their deck and then utilize their quick thinking within the game. Additionally, Loot Boxes can be purchased or earned in order to obtain stronger cards.

Furthermore, ‘Land‘ shall serve as a supplementary secondary gamemode. ‘Land’ is a world split into a plethora of construction sites. Here, players may improve their deck, customize their character and plot of land, and also interact with the other players. In addition, it serves as a means of leveling up in order to avoid matching complications.

About ChainWars

ChainWars is a space-themed, innovative, and ambitious GameFi project that is driven by community and creativity. It mixes the ideas of a trading card game and blockchain technology, allowing for new methods to interact with the assets that exist within the game. NFTs function as in-game cards and may be traded on ChainWars’ one-of-a-kind marketplace. As a result, users become the genuine owners of all acquired assets.

As of this moment, ChainWars’ official currency (CWE/Chain Wars Essence) has been released, mutually beneficial collaborations and a solid support base have been built, and the game’s alpha release has already occurred as well. According to its roadmap, some events that are currently being worked upon are the Loot Boxes and NFT Marketplace, ChainWars Account, ChainWars Beta Release, onboarding partners for INO, beginning the $CWE buy-back event, adding liquidity to PancakeSwap and Moonlift, starting development of the Land game, staking functionalities, and potential listings on centralized as well as decentralized exchanges.

Ultimately, ChainWars intends to offer a platform where gamers, investors, and cryptocurrency aficionados from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests can gather. For the most part, this platform is hence produced and maintained by the community through governance structures. For more information, check out ChainWars’ official website and Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels.