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CertiK Crypto Auditing Firm Just Approved This New Project – Here’s What You Need to Know

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The FightOut (FGHT) presale has now raised over $2.2 million, following the news that the move-to-earn platform has received verification from blockchain auditing firm CertiK. CertiK’s security assessment found no critical vulnerabilities in FightOut’s code, with two other potential vulnerabilities of less severity being mitigated by FightOut as part of the assessment. 

This verification from CertiK effectively provides FightOut with a clean bill of health for its upcoming launch, which is due in the second quarter of the year. At the same time, it also provides investors in its presale with the assurance that the project is entirely legitimate and serious about providing value to its community.

CertiK Crypto Auditing Firm Just Approved This New Project – Here’s What You Need to Know

As part of its security audits, CertiK assorts potential vulnerabilities and issues into five categories. 

At the top of these are “critical” vulnerabilities, which “impact the safe functioning of a platform and must be addressed before launch,” with users strongly advised not to “invest in any project with outstanding critical risks.” Reassuringly, CertiK found no such issues as part of its assessment.

Source: CertiK

Of the three categories below “critical” – “major”, “medium” and “minor” – CertiK found only one, related to how the total supply of 10 billion FGHT tokens is initially distributed. The FightOut team responded as part of the report by clarifying that all 10 billion tokens “need to be sent to a single wallet as, from there, they will be distributed into the appropriate pools,” with between 6 and 9 billion going to the presale’s smart contract, and with the other billion going to exchanges for listings.

The only other flaw discovered by CertiK belonged to the fifth and least serious category. This was an “informational” issue related to how a particular line of code was written, a defect that the FightOut development team immediately corrected in response to CertiK’s notification.

With this assessment now complete, investors can continue participating in the FightOut presale safe in the knowledge that it’s a secure token offering. And it seems that many investors are doing precisely that, now that the sale has raised a total of $2.29 million so far.

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Interested traders can participate in the sale by visiting its official website and connecting their WalletConnect or MetaMask wallets, and from there they can use either ETH or USDT to buy FGHT. The sale price is currently 60.06 FGHT for $1, although this will rise during the next stage of the sale.

The sale is also currently offering bonuses of up to 50% for early investors, helping them to get their hands on extra FGHT before it lists on exchanges.

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It’s likely that many investors will take this opportunity, given FightOut’s promising fundamentals. These relate to how comprehensive and rewarding its move-to-earn fitness app will be when it launches in the second quarter of 2023.

Rather than just rewarding steps taken in the manner of STEPN, FightOut’s platform will reward its users for participating in a much wider range of activities and workouts, weight training, mobility, yoga, meditation, boxing, and many more.

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Sessions and courses can be attended in-app or at local FightOut gyms, with FightOut planning to open up to 20 of its own gyms worldwide, while also affiliating with many other health centers. 

As for rewards, these will be distributed in the form of FightOut’s second native token, REP. REP can be used to buy in-game items and remote workouts with trainers, while both it and FGHT can be used to pay for FightOut’s monthly subscription fees. 

Other interesting features include FightOut’s sport-specific programs, including technique-focused courses. The first of these will be its boxing course, which will involve an in-app video series with elite-level coaches who will teach users the fundamentals of the sport.

On top of this, FightOut will also feature a social media-style element, involving shares, status updates, comments and likes. In the more distant future, it will also open health bars, content studios and co-working spaces, meaning its ultimate goal is to develop a strong sense of community for its users.

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This shows just how ambitious FightOut’s team is, as do other planned features, including staking, limited edition NFTs, NFT-based user avatars, player-versus-player contests, and (eventually) FightOut’s very own metaverse.

After FGHT’s Presale

FGHT’s presale is due to end in the first quarter of next year, at which point the altcoin will begin seeing its first exchange listings. 

Based on other big presales in 2022, FGHT could rise substantially beyond its sale price when it lists next year. To take two of the most notable examples, Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT) witnessed returns as high as 6,000% and 3000% compared to initial presale prices of $0.00015, while Tamadoge (TAMA) rose by 1,800% when it listed on OKX in October.

This goes to show that the bear market has not dampened investor appetite for good presales. And with strong fundamentals that will do well to take the move-to-earn sector forwards, FightOut could end up being one of the biggest new listings of 2023.

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