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BlastUP Launchpad Raises Over $5.5M in Presale as Investors Flood In

Medb Kiely-Cuddy
Last updated: | 2 min read

BlastUP, the pioneering launchpad within the thriving Blast L2 Ecosystem, is making waves in the crypto world with its groundbreaking and transparent approach to presales. The project’s presale has already raised over $5.5 million, a significant milestone that underscores its commitment to innovation and community engagement. 

Blast Layer-2 Network: Home to a Rapidly Growing Ecosystem

As the sixth-largest chain by dAppTVL (Total Value Locked) and the second-largest L2 by TVL, Blast has been rapidly gaining in popularity since its launch. The Layer 2 solution is built on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to increase transaction throughput and scalability while reducing fees. 

It’s the first Layer 2 chain to reach 1 billion TVL in 35 days and the first to offer native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Due to its groundbreaking model, Blast is able to offer yields of 4% on ETH and 5% on stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, and DAI. This high yield has encouraged the development of new dApps and projects on the Layer 2 solution.  

With such an active community, it’s become a popular home for new DeFi projects. Recently, the BlastUP launchpad platform was created to support early-stage projects within the Blast ecosystem.

First Launchpad on Blast

BlastUP offers a transparent and inclusive environment for project launches that benefits both developers and IDO participants. They carefully evaluate potential projects, and any projects that are accepted will be continuously monitored into the future. They will also support new projects in preparing documentation and tokenomics to help them successfully raise funds. 

The project has been audited by Certik and received an A grade and a score of 82+. This places BlastUP in the top 10% of projects on Certik SkyNet. It’s also KYC-approved by Assure DeFi. 

The alpha version of the launchpad is already online and has successfully completed its first IDO. Cybro, an earn marketplace, raised $140,000 in a presale that was exclusive to holders of  $BLP. $BLP is the native token of BlastUP, available now in presale. 

Unlike many tokens flooding the market, BlastUP’s token offers tangible utility and is a cornerstone of the BlastUP platform. The token provides holders access to BlastUp Tiered IDO launches and staking yields. There is also a BlastUP token buy-back mechanism in place that uses a percentage of the funds raised by any launchpad IDOs. 

With real-world applications and a clear roadmap for growth, BlastUP’s token is poised to redefine the dApp landscape.

BlastUP Presale Hype Builds

The excitement surrounding BlastUP is building rapidly. The presale is currently underway and scheduled to conclude on May 31 or once all 200 million tokens are sold. Over 11,800 participants have joined the presale, which has raised more than $5 million. 

Project supporters can earn Booster Points by inviting others to participate through the BlastUP referral program. Holders of 1000 or more Booster Points stand to receive exclusive weekly drops of Blastboxes containing coveted NFTs, stablecoins, ETH, and more. Additionally, the more booster Points you hold, the more you earn in upcoming airdrops. Presale investors can receive up to 12% in Booster Points. 

The project has already built an active and engaged community, with over 35,000 followers on its X (Twitter) account

Investors are urged to seize this opportunity before it’s too late, as the token price escalates with each stage of the presale. With the current price set at $0.06 and the next stage at $0.065, early adopters stand to benefit from significant price appreciation, with the expected listing price soaring to $0.1.

Visit to participate in the presale and join the BlastUP community today.

Visit BlastUP