Bitgert Coin Surges 70% in a Month, Expert Predicts 700% Increase


In 2024, Bitgert’s price is forecasted to follow an upward trajectory. The 80% increase in price in the last month is a good indicator of the impending bull run Bitgert is being set up for.

A lot of analysts have predicted that Bitgert coin would set an ATH very soon and lead the altcoin rally. Deflationary tokenomics is a factor that has contributed to the increasing popularity and price of the token. 

Is it worth the hype? 

The current Bitgert price is $0.0000002561 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,756,064 USD. It is up 7.32% in the last 24 hours. 

Although a relatively new entrant in the crypto market, the Bitgert ecosystem has grown at a rapid pace since its launch to support decentralized applications (dApps) across DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 categories.

The Brise Chain enjoys smart contract functionality and is among the very few zero-cost blockchains in the industry. With transaction fees as low as $0.00000001 per transaction, the Bitgert network can run 100 million transactions at the cost of a mere dollar. 

Bitgert has also implemented an intriguing buyback concept to increase the attractiveness of holding BRISE. Each transaction incurs a 5% buyback tax, with a portion of these funds used to purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. The bought-back tokens are then burned, reducing the token supply and potentially increasing its value.

Burning is used in some blockchains to increase coin market value. The act of burning effectively removes tokens from the available supply, which decreases the number in circulation. If the team burns enough BRISE tokens the Bitgert coin value may improve and could potentially get to $0.0001. 

For the last two months, the team accumulated 2 Trillion $BRISE through various means and decided to burn it, to reduce the supply and bring immense benefits to the community. 

The fact that it has its own centralised exchange is a strong indicator of its commitment to providing a robust and comprehensive ecosystem for its users, potentially fostering greater adoption and liquidity. 


The trading signal for Bitgert according to Bitget technical analysis is BUY. 

Bitgert has seen an increase in web traffic and increased activity in the chain. It is one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the layer-1 space. 

While the prices of Bitgert and other cryptocurrencies can be volatile, making a long-term investment may be worthwhile to consider. 


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