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Bitcoin Up Review – Scam or Legitimate Trading Software

Prateek Arora
Last updated: | 13 min read
Bitcoin Up review

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content

Bitcoin Up is a crypto trading platform that advertises itself as a profitable way to enhance the ROI of an investor when they trade Bitcoin. However, it is one of many online platforms that claim to do the same. So, this Bitcoin Up review is our due diligence to inform you whether this platform is legit or just another one in a long line of “scam” ware. 

Read to know whether this platform is worth your time – and if it is, how to trade on Bitcoin up easily. 

Bitcoin Method Summary

Bitcoin Up claims to be an automated crypto trading robot that makes trading Bitcoin “simple” thanks to its sophisticated trading software. It uses machine learning to assess market conditions to provide returns to its users. And to top it all off, it does so without charging any hidden fees or subscription costs. Before we start our review, here is an overview of all the features available on Bitcoin Up in this table.

Type of Trading  Crypto 
Success Rate Not Verified (claims 90%)
Cryptocurrencies Available Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, EOS, MIOTA, NEO, BNB, XRP, ETC, ADA, ZCASH, and more
Available on Mobile? Mobile app available
Withdrawal or Deposit Fees None
Customer Support Email
Withdrawal Speed 24 hours
Minimum Deposit $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Bitcoin up 

Bitcoin Up is a crypto trading platform enabling users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Registering on the website is easy as it only requires a minimum deposit and filling out the registration details. 

According to Bitcoin Up reviews and the Bitcoin Up site, users can trade leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on the platform, as well as other assets such as MIOTA, NEO, BNB, XRP, and more. The site claims that now that the digital market is hitting an upswing in 2023, it is better to simplify the trading process through a genuine crypto trading platform.

Bitcoin and Ethereum’s performance was low in 2022, with most of the reasons for their bad performance can be attributed to LUNA and FTX crashes. However, thanks to the crowd support and speculations about the delay in the Fed rate hike, Bitcoin surged in the early months of 2023, pushing many cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, EOS, MIOTA, and others with it. 

Bitcoin Up logo

The site advises that in this volatile market, AI-enabled trading is the best option to navigate the market, which is why it offers its complete support. 

While the entire framework of this platform is AI-powered, with Bitcoin Up scanning the market in seconds and showing the technical indicators you need to judge the market conditions, some of its functionalities are semi-automatic. For instance, you can alter the settings to make this platform buy crypto assets on your behalf if you want.  

The site claims to be working with major brokers in the industry, using its integration with them to execute trades through the Bitcoin Up app. And as far as the success rate of this platform is concerned, it claims that it is 90%. That said, we couldn’t verify that to be true or not – which means you must be wary when you are using this platform. And because the site is somewhat limited and much of the information is not shown right away, we couldn’t get a peek into who is running the project. 

Anonymity is not unusual in the crypto space since many developers are not doxxed right now. That said, it is another factor you must take into account when creating an account on Bitcoin Up. 

One positive thing about this platform is its affordability. As long as you deposit a minimum of $250 into your Bitcoin Up account, you are reportedly free to use any services. 

Bitcoin Up claims that deposit and withdrawal fees are also absent from this platform. And the site says that any withdrawal can be completed within 24 hours. 

As we researched this website for our Bitcoin Up review, we found everything quite user-friendly. The site has ensured that there are no complications acting as bottlenecks to make trading bad in any way. The signup process was easy, and navigating the platform was made easier because of the Scan icon available on the home page. 

How many cryptocurrencies does this platform support? Fourteen cryptoassets are supported on Bitcoin Up, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, cardano, and more. 

And mobile traders who don’t want to sit in front of their desktops to trade Bitcoin would be happy to know that Bitcoin Up also features a mobile app.   

Bitcoin Up Pros and Cons

There are the positives and the negatives that we found while creating our Bitcoin Up review:


  • Claims a high success rate 
  • Customer service is responsive
  • No hidden fees
  • Trading strategies perform well
  • Fast withdrawals supported
  • The minimum deposit is only $250
  • The mobile application offered
  • No need to store crypto assets on the platform


  • The success rate is not verified
  • No information about the team is available on the Bitcoin Up website

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How does Bitcoin Up Work?

Bitcoin Up model its trading strategies after high-performance banks and claims to provide high returns on investments to its clients. That said, you must verify your email and phone number before you can use this website. 

But don’t worry about any of your major personal information being compromised, as the site doesn’t require any KYC requirements. 

Bitcoin Up follows a standard account registration procedure involving a username, email, phone number, and unique password. It won’t take more than 2 minutes to create an account.

That said, you can only start interacting with the features of this platform by creating an account – which means all the services that Bitcoin Up offers will only be open to you only after you have deposited $250 into your account. You can make the deposit any way that you see fit – bank transfers and debit cards are both applicable here. 

After you have created the account, the platform will take charge. Its job is to peruse the vast cryptocurrency market and present you with the best deals depending on the market’s state. 

Bitcoin Up cryptocurrency offering

However, this site won’t give you a way to test its strategies. Once you are in, you are in. You have to be committed to trade since you won’t find any demo account here. 

We didn’t appreciate the absence of a demo account since it could have helped us test the trading strategies in real market conditions. 

But thankfully, there are blogs and articles for you to read before you start trading. You won’t feel at a disadvantage when you start trading on the platform.  This trading platform claims to have its own machine learning built in to make judgments about the price movements of all the cryptocurrencies it supports, which allows it to place multiple trades at the same time. 

The platform has multiple brokers partnered with it, who are responsible for executing the trades of the client. 

To put it simply:

  • First, Bitcoin UP scans the market to find the best trading opportunities
  • And as the market opens, it starts the trade based on a pre-determined trading algorithm. You can create your own parameters as well. 
  • Once the trade is complete, Bitcoin Up exists. 

Bitcoin Up functions by scanning the market using technical indicators to predict where the price of an asset might go in the near future. 

Bitcoin Up Key Features

Bitcoin Up trading platforms

Free Trading

You don’t need to pay anything to trade on this platform; Bitcoin Up doesn’t ask for any withdrawal fee or deposit fees. It doesn’t even charge you anything for opening an account. We also could also not find any discussion pertaining to commissions on this platform, You only need to deposit the initial $250 to start trading on this platform – it is the amount that this site considers as your base investment that it will use to initiate trades on the platform. 


Not everyone has the time to painstakingly access the market indicators and conduct trade manually – especially when the current market is extremely volatile.  Therefore, cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bitcoin Up help beginners navigate the market by making split-second decisions on their behalf. 

Instant deposits and withdrawals supported

Bitcoin Up has instant deposit options to choose from, such as debit/credit cards or bank transfers. The official website claims that it would match trades with the type of funding options they want. Bitcoin Up also says that the withdrawals on this platform are fast and free of charge. 

Mathematical Trading

Bitcoin Up says it is an AI crypto trading platform and the approach that it implements to initiate and complete the trading process yields a 90% success rate for users. Our team wasn’t able to verify these claims, but if it is true, Bitcoin Up may help you make quick trading decisions in a volatile ecosystem. 

Customer Support is Responsive

The Bitcoin Up trading platform says that customer support is available on the site around the clock. That said, there is only one way to reach out to customer support – by filling out the form available on the contact page.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Bitcoin Up Account Fees

We couldn’t find anything that adds weight to these claims, but Bitcoin Up does say that it does not charge anything from its customers. Once a user creates an account, they can start trading without having to worry about the commission fee. 

We dove deep into the different policy documents available on the website and found no mention of a trading fee, account fee, commission, or withdrawal fee.

Trading Fees None
Account Fees None
Commission  None
Withdrawal/Deposit Fees None

Minimum Deposit on Bitcoin Up

You need to deposit at least $250 in order to start trading on Bitcoin Up. As this is no small amount, make sure that you assess the risks before you start trading. 

Bitcoin Up Payment Methods

Here are the payment methods supported on Bitcoin Up

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • E-wallets

Bitcoin Up Compatible Devices

The platform claims to have both the web version and the mobile version of the application. To test these claims, we went into testing the crypto trading platform across different devices. 

  • Mobile
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

The platform performed optimally on all of these devices.

Bitcoin Up Customer Support

Bitcoin Up claims to provide top-notch customer support to all users – which is a positive since there is not much to go on on Bitcoin Up for those who only create an account without making any deposit. 

Good customer service is key, especially for a platform with a hands-off approach to trading like Bitcoin Up. 

Customers can reach out to Bitcoin Up via the contact us page. 

Is Bitcoin Up a Scam or Legit?

We assessed the different features that Bitcoin Up offers and tested its available assets. Here are our findings. 

On the user-accessibility front, we found that the account creation process was not an issue. And the platform says that it has integrated with many web-based trading platforms, which enables it to provide many distinct trading features. 

However, when it comes to the information provided by the platform itself – it is sparse. There is no info about the trading tools or dashboards that this platform offers. And despite how much we tried, we couldn’t point out the team behind Bitcoin Up. 

The only discussion we did find about Bitcoin Up was on Trust Pilot, where users have reviewed it. Accessing the dashboard isn’t possible if you have only created an account. The features will only open to you once you deposit the $250 it asks for. 

Based on these findings, we conclude that it is hard to assess whether this Bitcoin Up is a legitimate crypto trading platform. 

Does Jeff Bezos use Bitcoin Up?

A platform that supports automatic trading is something that can entice many high-level celebrities. There are rumors of platforms like Alibaba that allow big corporations like Blackrock to automate their trades easily. 

Jeff Bezos is a celeb of the same calibre. The founder of Amazon has amassed wealth upwards of $150 billion, which makes many think that Jeff dabbles in crypto trading platforms like Bitcoin Up. 

While there are rumors that celebs are backing Bitcoin Up, Jeff Bezos is not one of them. 

Does Elon Musk use Bitcoin Up?

The Boring Company and Tesla founder has become one of the biggest names in the crypto space ever since he tweeted in support of Dogecoin. The cryptocurrency crowd is now waiting for Elon Musk to give an encore and say something positive about the crypto markets so that the DOGE sees the same increase. 

Despite his social media-savviness about the crypto market, we didn’t find anything that would suggest that Elon Musk is using Bitcoin Up or any kind of robo advisors.

Does Martin Lewis use Bitcoin Up?

We found no evidence that suggests that the popular financial journalist Martin Lewis uses Bitcoin Up. 

Who Created Bitcoin Up?

There is no information on the Bitcoin Up website that gives us a peek into who founded this website or who is currently running it. At the time of writing, the development team, the support team, and everyone else has no available information online. 

How to Begin Trading with Bitcoin Up

After a careful analysis of the features available on the Bitcoin Up platform and finding legitimate sources that can prove the platform’s legitimacy, you can determine whether to start trading on Bitcoin Up. Here is how you get started. 

Step 1: Visit the Bitcoin Up Website

Your first step must be to go to the official Bitcoin Up website to sign up for an account.

Bitcoin Up account registration

Add your name, email, and phone number before accepting the terms and conditions and then clicking on the register button. 

Step 2: Deposit the Minimum Amount

The account creation process will involve you receiving a confirmation link in the email you enter. Once you have verified yourself, log in and deposit the required amount  – $250. Choose between any credit cards, bank transfers, or the listed e-Wallets and confirm the transaction. 

Step 3 – Start Trading on Bitcoin Up

After the payment is processed, Bitcoin Up will open up its utility to you. Start trading in the multiple listed cryptos at any time you want. 

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How to Delete a Bitcoin Up Account?

Bitcoin Up says that those who have created their account can terminate it as well on the Menu option. Go to the settings panel and scroll down. You will find a “delete account” option that you can click. 

However, make sure that you have transferred your balance out of your account because deletion will cause you to lose access to them. 

To know the precise method for deleting the account, you can also reach out to Bitcoin Up’s customer support. 

The Verdict

While creating this review, our team went through all the specifics of this crypto trading platform. We found that the platform is easy to sign in to, but there is no information available about who designed Bitcoin Up. 

And when we went online to look at Bitcoin Up reviews, we only found a couple of testimonials. Positive as they are, it is not enough for us to determine whether this trading platform is legitimate. Therefore, we recommend only investing in this platform if it caters to your trading requirements.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Bitcoin Up FAQs

What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is a crypto trading platform that you can access after depositing $250. The website states that you can buy and sell 14 different cryptocurrencies through this platform. 

Does Elon Musk Endorse Bitcoin Up?

There is nothing we could find to suggest that Elon Musk supports, uses, or even knows Bitcoin Up. 

Who is the founder of Bitcoin Up?

There are some rumors that celebrities are backing this platform – but these are mere speculations. We couldn’t find any information about Bitcoin Up founders anywhere on the platform.