19 Feb 2018 · 1 min read

Bitcoin-Funded Resort On Antigua In The Making

Calvin Ayre, a Bitcoin and gambling multimillionaire, is building a USD 100 million five-star resort on Antigua funded by his own crypto-profits made from the rise in value of Bitcoin in which he was an early investor.

“This resort will attract a totally new market segment of tourism on the island — successful wellness-seekers who also want to have fun. The property will not be an all-inclusive destination. Instead, its amenities will be available to residents of Antigua and Barbuda and visitors alike,” according to the press release.

Ayre is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter, and this cryptocurrency will be accepted at the resort, at point of sale terminals on the property and through its online booking engine.

His crypto-related involvement does not end here by any measure. In January 2018, he revealed he has dedicated significant amounts of his investment funds towards creating a BCH mining operation. The mining facility will dedicate its power to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain only.

Ayre is a Canadian-Antiguan entrepreneur based in Antigua and Barbuda, and the founder of the Ayre Group and Bodog entertainment brand. He boasts the official title of “his excellency”, given to him by Antigua and Barbuda. In August 2017, he acquired cryptocurrency news site Coingeek.com.