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Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

Tom Sheen
Last updated: | 10 min read

Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) has only just hit the crypto market as a presale but is already generating significant hype in the space.

The project, which not only mirrors Bitcoin but improves upon it, has already raised more than $25k in less than 12 hours as investors rush to secure their tokens and add them to a generous staking pool.

The project is offering investors the chance to purchase BTC as it was in 2011 – when it last cost less than $1 – but with all the benefits that being a proof-of-stake (PoS) token built on the Binance Smart Chain bring over being a Proof-of-Work (PoW) coin.

This Bitcoin BSC price prediction looks at how the token may perform until the end of the decade.

Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction – In Brief

  • End of 2023: Bitcoin BSC has just launched its presale with a hard cap of around $4 million, given the excitement over the project that shouldn’t complete, with the project then to launch on leading decentralized exchange Uniswap before the turn of the year. The price could then explode on launch – like it did with another recent BTC clone, BTC20, which reached almost $6 – and reach a price of $4, a 304% increase from the presale price of $0.99.
  • End of 2025: With the Bitcoin halving approaching in mid-2024, many analysts and institutional investors are predicting another bull run in the next 18 months with BTC perhaps reaching six figures. BTCBSC should benefit from this bull run and its name recognition, as well as staking rewards, could see it reach $8.
  • End of 2030: It is an almost impossible task to predict the price of any crypto in seven years, but BTCBSC follows the same fundamentals as Bitcoin, with a low supply of 21 million and 120-year unlocking period. Crypto is expected to continue its pursuit of mainstream acceptance and BTCBSC could capitalize on that, perhaps reaching a price of $12.50.

BTCBSC Price History

The Bitcoin BSC presale only launched on September 5 but has already seen more than $25,000 raised in its first 12 hours after launch.

Interest has been incredibly high already and the token could become one of the best crypto presales of the year should it continue on this trajectory.

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin BSC has a max supply of 21 million tokens but 4 million of those have been initially allocated to the presale at a price of $0.99 each – the same as the BTC price in 2011.

Should that allocation sell out quickly, a further 2.125 million tokens will be sold in an oversupply round for the presale, also priced at $0.99.

That means the hard cap is set at $6.125 million before the token is then launched on leading decentralized exchange Uniswap.

From there, the price could explode – BTC20, another Bitcoin clone, reached almost $6 after it launched on exchanges, earning presale investors almost 600% gains.

BTCBSC also has a significant advantage over BTC20, as it’s a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain, it is not subject to the same gas fees as the Ethereum-based BTC20.

Bitcoin BSC Price History – Key Points:

  • The BTCBSC presale launched on September 5.
  • BTCBSC is a BEP-20 token.
  • It is priced at $0.99 in the presale.
  • 4 million tokens have been allocated to the presale, with a further 2.125 million available if needed.
  • It will be listed on Uniswap when the presale is complete.
  • The remaining supply will be added to a staking pool over 120 years.

Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2023

Bitcoin BSC has only just launched but has already gained significant traction in the space, with investors and analysts impressed by the Bitcoin clone’s staking rewards and its scalability and efficiency as a BEP-20 token.

The presale has enjoyed a good start which should be a sign of things to follow in the coming weeks.

Using another Bitcoin clone, BTC20, as a template that project sold out its presale in just two weeks before pumping from $1 to almost $6 when it was listed on exchanges.

That project also offered significant staking rewards which is why many investors have chosen to hold the project longer. After reaching that price, BTC20 has since settled to around $2.

BTCBSC could well follow this same pattern with its high staking rewards and general potential as a Bitcoin clone. 

We have therefore forecast a price of $4 by the end of the year, although it could reach much higher after the initial wave of purchases following the Uniswap IEO.

Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2025

By the end of 2025 many crypto and institutional analysts believe that the crypto market could be in the middle of a bull cycle.

Much of that is led by the fact that the next Bitcoin halving – when BTC becomes doubly hard to mine – is taking place in mid-2024.

Previous halvings, which occur every four years, have sparked bull runs with Bitcoin largely operating in a boom-bust cycle during its lifespan so far, with the halving the main catalyst for price action.

Some, including analysts at Standard Chartered, believe Bitcoin will reach in excess of $100,000 by the end of 2025 and will drag the rest of the market along with it.

Bitcoin BSC could well be a beneficiary of that, given its name recognition, mirrored tokenomics and huge staking rewards, which will incentivize holding and limit selling pressure.

We estimate that BTCBSC could be priced in the region of $8 by the end of 2025.

Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2030

It is essentially impossible to make a true prediction on how Bitcoin BSC, or any other crypto will look at the end of the decade, with price dependent on millions of different micro and macroeconomic factors.

However, by 2030 crypto and Web3 are expected to be much more of a mainstream concern with a generation of people having grown up with it and normalizing its use.

Right now, the entire crypto market is worth around $1 trillion – Apple (AAPL), the largest company by market cap, is worth almost $3 trillion alone and the five largest companies (Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Google and Amazon) are worth a combined $10 trillion, showing just how far the crypto market has the potential to grow. 

As outlined above, due to its staking rewards and 120-year unlocking cycle, Bitcoin BSC buyers are incentivized to hold which should keep the value high when new investment arrives.

Therefore, we predict that BTCBSC could be worth $12.50 at the end of 2030. 

Potential Lows and Highs of Bitcoin BSC Price

Above we have detailed what BTCBSC could look like over the next decade as investment pours in and tokens are added to the staking pool.

Here are our predictions for the lows and the highs of the project:

YearPotential LowPotential High

What is Bitcoin BSC?

Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) is a Bitcoin clone with the added advantage of being a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain.

That means while BTC is a proof-of-work token – which requires huge processing power, funds and energy consumption to mine – BTCBSC is a proof-of-stake token, meaning it is much more efficient, scalable and eco-friendly.

It also means that Bitcoin BSC holders can generate token rewards by staking.

The project has just launched its presale, where tokens are available for $0.99, the same price as Bitcoin in April 2011.

What Factors Influence the Bitcoin BSC Price?

While the project has got off to a good start in its presale, its underlying fundamentals and potential will be the thing that ensure it is a success over the long term.

Bitcoin Clone

The first factor is that Bitcoin BSC is a Bitcoin clone that takes the best bits of BTC as well as improves upon its worst bits.

BTCBSC has a max supply of 21 million and a 120-year unlocking cycle and also has the name recognition. By offering the project at $0.99, a price not seen in more than a decade, investors are essentially getting a second chance at purchasing Bitcoin.

The biggest criticisms levelled against Bitcoin have been its inefficiency, because of its PoW consensus mechanism, and its lack of utility because of that.

Bitcoin BSC has no such concerns – being built upon the Binance Smart Chain and being a BEP-20 token mean it is much more scalable than Bitcoin, more energy efficient and cheaper to process transactions.

Staking Rewards

Arguably the biggest draw of Bitcoin BSC is its stake-to-earn feature, which allows holders to lock tokens into a pool and generate token rewards through an annualized percentage yield.

According to the staking dashboard, 0.25 BTCBSC will be rewarded per block with staking reards paid every 10 minutes.

At the time of writing only a limited number of tokens have been added into the pool – with the current estimated APY sitting at 26,000%.

That will come down significantly in the coming days and weeks as more tokens are added to the pool, but taking BTC20 as an example, that staking pool is currently offering around 60% APY.

That is significantly higher than other popular staking tokens such as Ethereum, Cardano and Solana, which typically return APYs in the 5% to 10% range.

Staking also has a knock-on effect of reducing selling pressure on a token and incentivizing holding. Many investors are inclined to keep their tokens locked in a pool to earn rewards rather than selling them on exchanges, which keeps the value up.

Investors should note that there is a minimum seven-day locking period after adding tokens to the staking pool.

Robust Tokenomics and Scarcity

Like Bitcoin, BTCBSC tokens are in short supply – there is a maximum supply of 21 million tokens.

An initial 4 million has been made available for the presale, with a further 2.125 million part of an oversupply should the presale perform well with huge interest.

That 6.125 million represents 29% of the overall supply. Another 420,000 (2%) pre-mined tokens will be allocated for liquidity on Uniswap after the presale is closed.

Then, the remaining allocation, 14.455 million (69%) tokens, will be unlocked over a 120-year cycle – the same schedule as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin BSC is also a 100% community-driven project, with no team allocation or hidden concerns. The project has also had a full audit completed by Coinsult, with no malicious findings.

An overview of the project is available in the Bitcoin BSC whitepaper, with more info and the latest news in the Telegram group.

How to Buy Bitcoin BSC Tokens – Quick Guide

Below we briefly outline how to buy BTCBSC during the presale. For more detailed instructions, read through our full Bitcoin BSC buying guide.

  • Step 1 – Download Crypto Wallet:  MetaMask or Trust Wallet is needed to connect to the Bitcoin BSC Presale website
  • Step 2 – Load Wallet: BNB, ETH or USDT needs to be held in the wallet to convert to BTCBSC – we recommend BNB as it is needed to cover gas and can be staked
  • Step 3 – Connect to Website: Visit and click ‘Connect Wallet’ before signing onto the site. 
  • Step 4 – Purchase BTCBSC: Select ‘Buy with BNB’ and enter the purchase amount, before confirming the transaction.
  • Step 5 – Stake BTCBSC: Alternatively, select ‘Buy and Stake’ and enter the purchase amount before locking your tokens into the staking pool to generate rewards.


Bitcoin BSC has only just launched its presale but has already gained a lot of traction in the space, with investors and analysts impressed by its potential as a proof-of-stake Bitcoin clone that offers huge staking rewards.

The project could sell out its presale in only a matter of weeks before launching on Uniswap, where it could well follow in the footsteps of another recent clone, BTC20, that made almost 600% gains after it was listed.

Furthermore, the project has a huge longevity for the future given its staking rewards and 120-year unlocking cycle, meaning it could be an excellent long-term crypto investment.


What is Bitcoin BSC?

Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) is a Bitcoin clone that takes the best bits of BTC and improves upon its worst bits, as it is a proof-of-stake coin that is efficient, scalable and cheap. The project, which has just launched its presale, offers huge staking rewards and has long-term ambitions with a small 21 million supply and 120-year unlocking cycle.

How much will Bitcoin BSC be worth in 2025?

Our projections for Bitcoin BSC have placed the price at around $8 in 2025. That is based on the expectation that the next |Bitcoin halving, due in mid-2024, will spark a crypto bull run, with BTCBSC to capitalize on that and hold its value due to the staking rewards on offer decreasing selling pressure

How much will Bitcoin BSC be worth in 2030?

It is impossible to accurately predict the price of any crypto at the end of the decade, but BTCBSC has long term potential because of its staking model and robust tokenomics, which mirror Bitcoin. The expectation is that by 2030, the whole crypto market will be much more mainstream with the overall market cap many times greater than its current figure of $1 trillion. We predict a price of around $12.50.