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Argentina Set to Become a ‘Bitcoin Haven,’ Politician Claims

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 2 min read
Five metal tokens intended to represent Bitcoin, against the backdrop of the Argentinian Flag.
Source: Quatrox Production/Adobe

An Argentinian politician has claimed the country will soon become a ‘Bitcoin haven,’ with the nation edging closer to electing a BTC-keen head of state.

The claims were made by Diana Mondino, an economist, university professor, and former board member of firms such as Pampa Energía, Banco Supervielle, Loma Negra, and Bodegas Bianchi.

Criptonoticias reported that Mondino is running as a candidate in the upcoming general elections representing the La Libertad Avanza party (Freedom Advances), and is hoping to gain a seat in Buenos Aires.

The party is fronted by Javier Milei, an MP and the front-runner in the presidential elections.

Milei won 30% of the vote in Argentina’s primary elections this month.

The nation will choose its next president on October 22.

And Milei has spoken in glowing terms about BTC in the past, although he favors a policy of dollarization as a solution to the nation’s hyperinflation crisis.

Mondino was responding to a Twitter post by the bitcoiner Sally Mayweather.

Mayweather posted a video featuring an interview with Milei on the subject of BTC.

During the interview, the presidential hopeful stated:

“Bitcoin is a natural reaction to swindling central banks.”

Bitcoin Haven: Will Argentina Turn to BTC?

Mondino is an outspoken crypto advocate who has taken part in a number of Bitcoin-related conferences, and has spoken on BTC-related podcasts.

In May this year, she tweeted:

“We should legalize the use of cryptocurrencies.”

Her statement was widely derided, however, with one commenter asking: “Are you crazy?”

Another, however, tweeted a clapping emoji and tagged the United States presidency in their response.

Mondino has also previously claimed that BTC’s credentials as a store of value “raise questions,” but could have “transactional” benefits.

Milei, meanwhile, has previously claimed that “it is imperative that governments stay out of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

He said:

“Any attempt to impose regulations will only serve to restrict [BTC and crypto’s] potential.”

But Milei’s BTC keenness could be tempered by his desire to ditch the peso – which he has vilified in his rhetoric – in favor of the USD.

Carlos Maslatón, a notable lawyer-turned-politician and BTC advocate, earlier this year hit out at Milei’s dollarization plans, calling them a “joke” – and urging the presidential candidate to embrace BTC as an alternative.

Buenos Aires has fast-tracked crypto regulations amid a rapid rise in popular crypto adoption.